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TCU v Nebraska Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Prince of Purpoole, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Noi struggles to play basketball lately
  2. Good from the charity stripe, subpar from everywhere else
  3. Shaping up to be a JD Miller type of game. Majority of Frog shots are from 3
  4. Kuat needs to wake up, especially on D
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  5. Must must make FTs tonight
  6. Would be nice if he spent some additional time in the weight room
  7. More Bane, less Noi
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  8. Amazing how many good things happen when Bane shoots
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  9. Keep feeding Bane
  10. Huge fan of Davis pointing to get Bane the ball with 9 left on the shot clock.
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  11. Need to get JD more touches from beyond the arc.
  12. Let's beat both ut and nebraska in the same day. That'll make me happy.
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  13. Duh. Recipe for success.
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  14. Will make OU fans smile for sure
  15. Noi back to playing hot potato when someone passes him the ball
    And as I type this he saves the ball under his own basket right to the first OL from high school ever to play basketball from what the announcers act like
  16. Noi having a very rough half
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  17. Ok.
  18. Noi needs to sit a long long time. Gone completely insane
  19. Samuels is going to have to play big on D with this offensive tackle playing opposite him.

    But Noi and RJ are worthless so far on both ends.

    I repeat - you are useless Noi - now go play the second half like you played in the 90 seconds from when I originally posted that....
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