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TCU v Kansas baseball game 2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. Cmon damnit.
  2. Ballgame!!!
  3. Could be. He only threw 12 pitches.
  4. KU had climbed two RPI spots after losing on Wednesday to UTA and last night. Wonder if they’ll jump again?
  5. We won the series!
  6. Yep. KU bumped up one more RPI spot with the loss. Still early and other results will swing it. Frogs hanging in that 3-4ish range which is a great space to be in presently.
    Louisiana, Gonzaga, and Liberty falling back a bit which isn’t ideal and OU as well. WVU coming up a few spots though which could be good timing for the trip to Morgantown.

    Finish off the Hawks tomorrow and take care of business in Arlington and things looking very good in the RPI metric as decision time comes closer.
  7. I think it got us more than that. I think aggressive base-running today produced at least 4 RBI runs that might have otherwise been men LOB.
  8. By aggressive do you mean running fast?
  9. I drew a distinction between "aggressive" and "dumb." You keep pressing that "aggressive=dumb" and I do not agree that that is the case. Being aggressive is not the same as casting all reason to the winds and hoping for the best. Hope is not a plan. Being aggressive is nothing without being smart in how you apply that aggression. I believe the fancy term is Principle of Calculated Risk. In the example of the TOOTBLAN in question, he wasn't going to make the base, and his attempt to do so cost a run. It could be that the fielder had loafed a throw or two early on, and they thought there was an advantage to be gained, but that was not the case. Nor did our runner tagging from 3rd, who loafed in to the plate instead of scooting and didn't score before the TOOTBLAN, losing the run. Evidently there was no coordination on the tag-up, and the runner from 3rd wasn't aware that he needed to scoot.

    Again, I am not averse to taking risks. I just don't like dumb mistakes.
  10. Good one!


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  11. If that's what it meant, then all running would be aggressive running, wouldn't it?
  12. Nope, that wasn't my argument. I said that for every dumb mistake that costs you a run by being aggressive on the base paths, I think our aggressiveness puts men in scoring position that otherwise might not be there and produces more runs than it costs.

    Again, you misrepresent my argument. Nobody argued for hope or for casting all reason to the winds as a game plan. The game plan is playing the odds. And if the odds are that aggressiveness scores more runs than it costs. that's simply smart baseball. It's playing to win instead of playing to not lose.

    Exactly. Again, if being aggressive produces more runs than it costs, then that is playing the odds of calculated risk and it is smart baseball.

    I realize that the 58 years of combined coaching experience Schlossnagle and Mosiello have are nothing compared to the expertise of our armchair coaches, but even a blind hog roots up an acorn... well, you know. (I kid, I kid...)

    All kidding aside, I think this is simply a case of some on this board having a different philosophical approach to baseball than the TCU coaches have. Many of the critics here are simply risk-averse, while Schloss/Mosiello believe their calculated-risk approach, while occasionally costing us, produces more than it costs.

    And it's hard to argue with that. I mean, look at our record. Can you honestly say the Frogs are underperforming or that calculated risk is costing us games?

    I believe you, but if you want to avoid dumb baseball completely, you'll have to quit watching it altogether. Dumb mistakes happen almost every day in almost every game -- especially at the college level.
  13. Phil is back. Thanks, Phil. For the coming back.
  14. Those girls were brutal.
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  15. Clearly, you have not seen me run.
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  16. Ditto
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  17. Dead
  18. It's a ribby

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