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TCU v Kansas baseball game 2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. Meanwhile Frog tennis beats OU 4-0 and will face BU tomorrow
  2. His change up seems to bothering them as well here in the last couple of innings
  3. 6 innings, 3 runs on 6 hits. 5ks and 1 walk.
  4. Purpleblood87 was heckling one of the KU players in the on deck circle and then asked what they did on their day off on Thursday, and out of no where, some 14 year old girl yells “I’m pretty sure their day off was Friday night.”
  5. Boyers scores on the double play. 7-3 Frogs.
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  6. At one point Micah Dallas had thrown like 47 strikes against 13 balls today but I’m betting less than 20% of pitches were in the zone. Had 10 Ks and probably 4-5 ended in 2-3 finishes. No need to throw strikes if they turn balls into strikes for you.

    And Ray has plunked a kid too in that two run inning.
  7. Ray back out to start the 7th.
  8. And a great call for strike 1!
  9. Keep swinging Hawks!
  10. Honestly Pharm who cares how he's getting it done. The fact is he's gave us exactly what we need today with tomorrow being a big ?.
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  11. Johnny Ray! Strikes out the side in the 7th.
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  12. I don’t care. I just want outs. And yes...came back from a scary 5th inning to do something he hasn’t all year.
  13. Hump with a leadoff double.
  14. So Okie Lite loses 4-3 but out hits UT 9-4?? Pokes are good at that type of L
  15. Hump goes to 3rd on the pb/wp.
  16. I know this is a baseball thread but if you haven’t followed Coach Roditi and the tennis team, I think you may be missing out. I love his Roditi Report after a match and how he sometimes brings a player into it. I bet those fellas love playing for the guy.

  17. Wolfe with a double to left that scores Hump. 8-3 Frogs.
  18. Thought it might get out....what a shot
  19. He's smashed the ball today.
  20. Sikes with a double to right center. Wolfe scores to make it 9-3.

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