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TCU v Boise State - Poinsettia Bowl - Good Times

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Youtube is a gift.

    Looking for the Mobile Bowl I found this game.

    BSU was #9

    TCU was #11

    Not a NY6 game.

    Not the Holiday Bowl.

    Lower tier bowl for a solid Top 15 matchup.

    TCU had the No. 1 defense in the nation.

    Kellen Moore was the BSU quarterback.

    Good old days are still unfair today.

    Looking back it was a huge bowl win for the Frogs.
  2. And then didn't we play them again the very next year?

    Even more unfair.
  3. Well, if you're into TCU vs Donkey U matchups on Youtube, do yourself a favor and skip the Fiesta Bowl.

    Something funny on a miserable day though, There was a drunk guy next to us who was barely conscious, and right before Dalton threw his first interception, he tapped me on the shoulder and said "watch this pick your quarterback is fixing to throw". Shows you how bad the offensive play calling and execution was when a drunk bozo could figure it out. Cumbie must have been calling in the plays from somewhere.
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  4. I remember that game you could post messages about the game and they would scroll on the screen.
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  5. First time in history that a non-BCS bowl had a matchup where both teams ranked above both teams in a BCS bowl. We were #9 vs #11, while the Orange Bowl (Virginia Tech vs Cinci) was #12 vs #21.
  6. That guy wasn't the only drunk one in the stadium. There were a couple on the field wearing purple. SMH.
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  7. Ha I forgot about that. Seem to recall most of those comments were abt the Showgirls and not the product on the field.
  8. Didn't see that on the replay. But they didn't show the whole game.
    When I saw this post at 2 am I watched the game.
  9. That was a long drive home from the Fiesta Bowl...
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  10. Was this one on Xmas eve and Southwest served us free drinks? Good times.
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  11. It was on Dec 23, so most, including me, travelled back on Christmas Eve. At least you got free drinks I just got sick on that trip.
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    It is a crime we had to play them again a year later.
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  13. Their version of a hundin slap
  14. Real fans flew home.
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  15. I'd argue there's more commitment driving 15 hours than flying 2 hours...
  16. That all depends - for the Fiesta Bowl - I flew in the morning of the game and flew out at 5 am after the game to be at the work that morning.
    Could only miss one day of work. Had just started a new job in July. Was lucky to get that one day off.
  17. Fiesta Bowl. Amusing part of that one was sitting in the Phoenix Hilton lobby bar after the game with a slew of Boise folk, who bought us drinks and were a lot of fun to hang out with. They were all fairly surprised that TCU didn't beat them, and tickled that they managed to win.
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  18. Defense played so good that game. Even with how the offense played, they were a dropped pass in the endzone away from tying the game late. One of the handful of games I refuse to watch again.
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  19. Agree. I don't watch 61-58 either.
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  20. I was surprised how we abandoned the running game so early.
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