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TCU TECH Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Congrats, Frogs. We were due. Keep it going...
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  2. Time for attendance smack. Stadium was half empty.
  3. When they’re winning they get schnockered in the parking lot, then enter the stadium. When they’re losing they get schnockered in the parking lot then go home and go to bed.
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  4. Where’s Roddog?
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  5. Can’t hang week in, week out?
  6. So what you're saying is that they do an awful lot of that second thing.
  7. Finally, this was the first game in which the WR’s helped, rather than hurt Duggan’s performance. .
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  8. That forward shovel pass by Duggan, even though incomplete, was something that a seasoned vet does, not a true freshman. Max is growing up fast, and is a real warrior. A real leader....
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  9. So when we have a second or third and long, they usually bring the house on Duggan. I was waiting to see how we handled the play calls on it.
    One play that was wide open that was not used after the TD, was the Lynn slip off the line to the middle of the field on a short slant. Duggan could loft it over the crashing defenders and Lynn or Wells could gather it in for a good gain.
    We never saw that play again.
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  10. What would happen if we put our ejected players in a different jersey with a different name on it? I mean if we got caught?
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    I don't want to ever hear them talk attendance smack again. They had just whacked WV, were fighting for a bowl spot, have 36,000 students, decent weather, and there is nothing else to do in Lubbock, but they did not show up.
  12. Was a fantastic play and if the WR doesn’t stop, its a huge gain
  13. Please tell me next week when OU blitzes 7 on every play, that we will have a few check downs for our young QBs...Today was hard to watch for long stretches. Max getting the hell beat out him and Sonny not helping him at all
  14. I took time out of my night just to see your reaction to Mannix.
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  15. There are plays like screens and draws that certainly slow down a pass rush. Apparently those concepts are foreign to the Frog’s OC.
  16. Not much really. We win by 2 and TOP was 43/16 (you're thinking this is a type O but it isn't) Is this why we won or should we have scored more because of this large TOP gap? Someone mentioned we ran 90 plays +-. We should have scored more, but we take the win as is.
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  17. He’s under a rock huddled with Techadvi$or
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