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TCU TECH Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. If it were not for a wrongly overturned td last week, this could have possibly been win 6.
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  2. Hopefully this game propels us back to our old selves and winning ways.
  3. Bingo. So sick of all these freshmen that we can't play because they are young when the upper classmen are [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ting the bed. But then they come in and are clearly better than what was there before.
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  4. Well I know he always acts like Duggan didn’t read the defense correctly for the route when he quits on a play where the ball is thrown to him but lands 20 yds away....

    either he is the least lucky receiver on the team with regard to Duggan being on the wrong page given it doesn’t happen as often for the entire rest of the team as with Reagor - or Reagor is just a prima donna...

    your choice.
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  5. same old reasons.
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  6. Because Cumbie
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  7. again, i understand the idea of red-shirting him, but unless he gets hurt or something big happens such as a grad transfer etc....andrew is going to be one of the frogs starting offensive tackles next year.

    hardest part is how much better will andrew be if he starts the last 3 games of 2019 then only 1?

    no idea and no one can no that, but if he is better than bolisomi at tackle right now i think that is a mindset indulgence the frogs just are in a position to have at this time.
  8. So, Anderson IS still on the team....Nothing at all against Sewo, but will never figure out why DA does not get the bulk of playing time.
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  9. Because Cumbie? Where you been bro?
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  10. WVU has played better, certainly not a lock to win that game.
  11. At least we have something to play for. That WV game would have been a snoozer if we didn’t.
  12. Attendance would have been reminiscent to Mountain West days if there was nothing to play for day after Thanksgiving vs a last place team.
  13. Yes. Been there a few times.
    During World War II, the US Army trained glider pilots in Lubbock. There is a museum there named the Silent Wings Museum. Pretty interesting.
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  14. Did the team fly?
  15. Worth noting that after I typed this we held them to FG after the long pass, forced a 3 and out, and forced a TO.
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  16. final approach:
  17. Glad the defense made a big play but for the most of the game they weren’t great.
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  18. Yes
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  19. TOP against Non TOP would be the base.
    But then you have to figure out - - did we score more with less or more TOP? What was that answer related with Defensive rankings (especially points allowed, I guess).
    And then, I think, only then could you get a real idea.

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