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TCU opens at +6.5


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This is going to be a very interesting game (I hope!) on Saturday. Lincoln Reilly bailing for USC really left Oklahoma in a vulnerable position they haven't had to deal with for literal decades. Their QB play is probably the weakest it's been since we've in the Big 12.

Patterson managed to play OU close every year until the wheels fell off around 2018 or so- wonder if some of that mojo will creep back in now with 2 new HCs on deck.


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0U had zero turnovers in the game against kstate and lost.

Where this game is going to be won is on the ground and with a QB that knows when to be mobile. Run the damn ball, control the LOS, and we should win. The d line needs to really get some pressure and o line needs to be able to protect the pocket. Literally all fundamentals need to be solid. This team needs to have their heads on straight and play like they know how to, if not we will know by the 2nd quarter if we are gonna win.
Sounds like Bud Clark, Marcel Brooks, and Chandler Morris will all be back for OU.
Marcel: Back but as of today he's not likely to play a ton unless required, still recovering.

Bud: Back, might get 25-50% of the snaps at FS, but the coaches really like Camara.

Morris: "Back" in that he is going to be cleared and can do the minimum, but he isn't near 100% and his mobility will be hampered for a while longer.


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I know this was an impossibility when GP was coach, but I'd like to see us take the ball more often when we lose the opening coin toss. Especially in games we are the underdog.
I think the better idea is to try to score right before half then score again to start the second half.


They are going to come out much faster and harder than if they had beaten Kansas state. They must win this game. I wish they had beaten Kansas State, it would have made things easier for us.
Would you defer or receive if Our Heroes win the opening toss? Is that the question?
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I've always figured the play book is full of schemes and formations ranging from plain vanilla all the way up to nuclear holocaust triple reverse, double flip, end zone fades. And that we only go as deep into the play book as each game demands. Therefore, I am really hoping we have 40-50 unseen plays that will surprise and mystify those red helmets from up north on Saturday. If I was the coach every play would be a trick play. That is also exactly why I am not the coach...that and the fact I really don't know much about football.


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Maybe, just maybe they did not beat KSU on their own field, because they couldn’t? Maybe they can’t beat TCU either? Looks like to me running QB’s give them issues this year!


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I’m thrilled they lost. Couldn’t be happier about it. And I figure they are just as likely to be depressed about losing so early as they are fired up and focused. They got whipped physically by KSU…and played stupidly. Maybe that’s who they are and we’ll see if the Frogs are ready to whip them. If not then it wasn’t gonna happen regardless
OU quits when they lose, they had alot more going on in 2005 when they lost to TCU ranked about the same place. When they lost to Texas a few weeks later they should have turned in their shoes. OBTW, you will hear 4 million other excuses