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TCU lands 4* QB recruit

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DelFrog, Apr 15, 2018.

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    You should have at least given me some credit above. Maybe a LIKE? Or my quote? Cmon!

    For the record, I'm the first to reference the movie, see above, and I'm headed out to the hitting cages pronto!

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  2. I remember the days when we couldn't come near competing with Nebraska for Texas kids.. Who over 45 would have ever thought we would be taking the very few prized recruits (Anthony McKinney and now Duggan) in that area away from the Huskers? Never in a million years then- I still have a hard time believing it..
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  3. I mean....Nebraska sucks these days though...
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  4. Can pin passes into tiny spots and receivers will love this guy. Can throw it through a brick wall. Wonder how many realize what a big day this was.

    Too many, ha. They quit, they transfer, some don't develop, some get hurt. You better get a good one every year. I love the ones we have tho, have to admit that.
  5. Having this depth gives us the ability to Red Shirt all our QB recruits? Could be a huge advantage in development.
  6. Damn. My bad, didnt see it.

    Underrated movie.

    And don’t worry, you got your likesie.
  7. Exciting ......
  8. Can sure understand this thinking. My thoughts have always been the opposite, Never understood why could not compete and we just needed the right salespeople to make it happen.

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