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TCU lands 4* QB recruit

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DelFrog, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Too many stars in the qb position
  2. You can never have too many of those at the QB position.
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  3. Yep just look at 2015 Baylor

    It matters
  4. Competition in practice will be epic.
  5. Quite the offer list...Still can’t believe how much we’ve evolved over the last decade.
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  6. Welcome to TCU, Max.
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  7. [Baylor asshoe].
  8. Still have a hard time processing a 4 star QB from Council Bluffs but the film I've seen on this kid says he's legit.
  9. Also an early enrollee.
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  10. Prayers to a healthy 2018 season for this kid.

    Go Frogs!
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  11. Pretty decent movie too.
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  12. A 4 star QB pipeline where a kid is an early enrollees and still redshirts is awesome. A year and a half in the system before he hits the ground is huge for stability at the position. Hope the commitment sticks
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  13. Looks like the stability of our head coach and the last decade plus of being a Top 10 program is really starting to pay off. Most of the recruits seem to be mentioning those things along with being impressed by the campus and the family atmosphere between the students, players and coaches.

    Go Frogs!!!!
  14. Getting a 4* QB in Shawn Robinson was huge, but in order to ensure stability of the program and of the QB position it is necessary to recruit a great QB every year. A 4* QB can very easily be a bust or not live up to the expectations, but if we get a good QB every year one of them is bound to hit and be a very solid contributor.
  15. This is fantastic news.....as Max Duggan has a very accurate cannon of a arm! The young man has game......6’2” and 4.5 forty. As the son of a football coach he is way ahead of most high school QBs and has another season yet to play.
    There’s a reason Nebraska paid “special attention” to Max at their camp and named him their #1 recruiting target...and THEIR must have guy!
    Tcu has tremendous QB talent in the pipeline. Personally I think Max Duggan is the most overall skilled QB we’ve ever recruited....he is an elite passer, excellent runner and smart game manager. Kudos to Coach Patterson & Coach Cumbie for winning Max’s commitment.
    BTW.....there are a couple of very solid 4* players across the river from Council Bluffs at Omaha Burke who should also be on our target list!! Nick Henrich (LB) is a Top 100 prospect who has just been named to the Under Armour All-American Roster. This kid is all over the field and totally dominates football games.
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  16. He heard we had good luck with red-headed quarterbacks.
  17. Ball is on your court Coach Cumbie.

    The era of your QB's is about to begin. If you can coach them as well as you can recruit, we have a bright future!

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