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TCU is favored against Baylor - LOLOLOLOL

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. How bad is Baylor?
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  2. We may never know. TV might opt for running old Cooking Show re-runs rather than a Rape U.-TCU match...
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  3. This seems like the one game left where our players can get fired up enough to overcome the [ #2020 ] coaching effort and pull out a w. After this one though...
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  4. Most 6A ranked teams could beat TCU!
  5. Bettors must not know our strategy....just lose by one...or more
  6. What does that make Texas?
  7. Not Back.
  8. competitive with Paschal
  9. I'm not gonna be the least bit surprised if we beat Baylor. Just because.
  10. A year we beat Baylor and UT is a success, even if we do end up 3-6 and another bowl-less year...
  11. don't understand the logic of this when you call for the firing of gary and at times i feel as if gary knows if he wins the right games, wins enough, and the players don't get out of control he can do what he wants behind his purple curtain as long as he wants to be the hc
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  12. You're prolly right.

    Steel is conflicted. Steel was "raised" on a TCU that was a lovable loser. From that standpoint, beating UT and winning a few games is a good year.

    Since Gary's arrival, losing or .500 records are unacceptable. We went from many consecutive bowl-less years to bowls every year.

    The question appears to be, since Gary is largely responsible for building TCU into what it became (but is no more), does HE get to decide how and when he goes? Even if he drags TCU back into the gutter along the way?
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    Almost feel sorry for them if they are worse than us. Plus they have us at home and we are favored early? Wow
  14. Oh, I think we probably will win.
    It’s just funny we are so pissed that we want to fire our hall of fame coach and they just got their new fancy coach and we are favored.
  15. Maybe it'll be like 2016
  16. don't see a 40 point win, but i do think this is very winnable for tcu if offensively they shelve the [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] trick plays, focus on what they can consistently execute, and they have to fix some holes in the defensive front against the run

    not going crazy and asking for a fix in run game defense and pass rush
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  17. Brewer is a seasoned qb. If he has a great day, say, throws 4 TDs. we lose.
  18. He can’t throw it more than about 25 yards so I think we will be fine.
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  19. That right there would cause great celebration. Nothing but drive-killers. Momentum killers. Chicken-Fried death. With Cheese Sauce.

    I did note that the straight-ahead mesh gave Max a couple more seconds in the pocket, as opposed to the dopey jet sweep meshes that didn't fool anybody. They do respect the run, and we saw some success there.

    Who am I kidding. It worked. Therefore, we'll never see it again.
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