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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by JogginFrog, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Seems strange to tournament qualify at Rivercrest even with the redesign - is their next tournament at a pitch and putt?
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    Round 2 being played at a different course--from the scorecard, looks like Rockwood?

    Edit: Round 3 at another course--from the scorecard, my guess is Texas Rangers Golf Club. Top three, with 18 holes remaining, is Oliveira, Gums and Christopherson.
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  3. Tom Hoge paired with Tiger tomorrow in final round at Torrey Pines. Five back of leader.
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  4. Hoge currently tied for 2nd with a bunch of others, all 3 shots behind Leishman who fired a 31 on the front. Hoge on 11 as I type this. Leishman to hole 10.
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  5. He was sole 2nd until Sneds eagled 13. Now he's solo 3rd. On a great par run through the toughest section of the course.
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  6. Nice TCU shout out from the commentators earlier during one of Hoge's tee shots. Wish he would wear purple. Must be a kick playing with Tiger.
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  7. Final round 68 for Hoge. Wish that second putt at 18 had fallen for solo second place finish (currently.) Six birdies against two bogeys. Nice payday and lots of tv time!
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  8. 3rd top ten of the year I believe if you count the wraparound season
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  9. Hoge -4 on the day outplayed his playing partners Tiger (-2) and Holmes (+1). Has to be distracting to play with Tiger’s following. Great job, Tom!
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  10. This one against a great field!
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  11. Meantime SMU’s Harry Higgs drops an F Bomb in front of the whole country on 18.
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  12. Hoge should be in line for roughly a $250k payday.
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  13. So Hoge finishes 5th alone at -11, 4 strokes behind Leishman. Then Rahm, Sneds and Hoge. Great showing, Tom!
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  14. Ok, I’m guessing now closer to $300k.
  15. Yep. Solo 5th worth $307,500 per golf.com.
  16. All of SMU is epitomized in that one dude.

    He’s like Patrick Reed lite.
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  17. Yeah kinda reminded me of Spalding from Caddyshack.

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  18. Love that Bryson was put on the clock in the final round tied for the lead and that he bogeyed 4 straight to end his round.
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  19. After the crap he pulled on the driving range at Colonial a couple years ago- I lost all interest in Bryson. He is like a science project that has run its course, didn’t turn out the way we expected and everyone should move on
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