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  1. Curious about this story that I missed about the driving range. Not really sure how he thought a 38” wedge would work. Watching him choke up around the greens on chips makes me laugh
  2. I take a backseat to nobody in my sports hate for Bryson but he has won 7 times as a pro and 6 on the PGA tour. Not the worst science project on record.
  3. He is as a person and the over analyzing and 6 person “team” to evaluate atmospheric fluctuations has grown tiresome

    he has a ton of talent and all that crap gets in his way
  4. When was that? He wasn't on the leader board yesterday was he? I don't recall seeing him there.
  5. I have heard from people that would know that he's a major jerk.
  6. He played in the European tour event in Dubai
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  8. It’s a long story but basically went back to the range after it was cleaned/closed and forced some poor volunteers to open it for him and his SMU buddies - then they put on a club throwing display like it was TopGolf not the Colonial tournament

    was a mess with having to clean up afterward and the Tour had to step in
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  9. Obnoxious SMU guys...I’m shocked.
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  10. Better would be shooting 68 in the midst of the zoo that surrounds TW.
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    Fourth and final qualifying round is complete--from the scorecard (and the scores, all but one being +4 or higher), it was played at Colonial. Oliveira schooled the competition, with a 67 to finish at -12 over 72 holes. No one else finished better than Even.

    Thomas Allkins did not play in the qualifier--he was the top finisher in the last fall tournament, so I'm guessing he was exempt and will be playing in Hawaii. If so, the others who appear to have qualified are Gums (E), Christopherson (+3) and Laussot (+6).

    Edit: Allkins is not in the lineup; possible injury? Frogs will field Fernandez de Oliveira, Gums, Christopherson, Laussot, and Frimodt--four freshmen and a sophomore.
  12. Hoge on fire in Scottsdale right now
  13. Awesome that he rebounded from bogey on the par 5 15th to birdie on the par 3 16th in front of the circus crowd.

    Leader in the clubhouse with a -6 score of 65.
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  15. Man, Wyndam Clark -10. It might take me 10 rounds just to get 10 birdies.
  16. Tom Hoge shoots -4 in 3rd round of Waste Management Open, tied for 11th, 6 shots back of the leader Finau heading into Sunday. He's at least in for another big check for the second week in a row against a strong field.
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  17. Would love to see him have a really good two years and be in the running for the next Ryder Cup
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  18. Frogs shoot -4 on Day 1, -2 on Day 2. They are T9 at a team, but closer to 14th than 7th, so it will be difficult for them to move up. While the Frogs aren't going low, they have done well to avoid big numbers--only one double and nothing above that over 180 total holes played.

    Individually, Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira leads TCU at -4 (T22); Aymeric Laussot is -3 (T31).

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