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TCU currently (or soon to be currently) has the best 2 LBs in school history

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, May 15, 2021.

  1. Banks isn't special. He's just another entitled chump who couldn't handle Jimbo so he ran to another program. He'll be in the transfer portal by September.
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  2. David Hawthorne: 245 4.5
    Jason Phillips 245 4.5
    Ty Summers 245 4.5
    Daryl Washington 235 4.4
    LaMarcus McDonald 230 4.4
    Tank Carder 240 4.5
    Robert Henson 245 4.5
    Shadrach Brooks....just another guy for the TCU LB standards.
  3. I forgot about Henson. He was good too.
    What was the size of Dawson? Loved watching him play.

  4. I think Dawson was about 235 too
  5. LaMarcus ran a shockingly slow 4.97 at the NFL Combine. No injuries were reported.

    Not sure about the other times but they do not look correct.
  6. Yea Lamarcus' agent told him he needed to "put on some weight" so he gained 20 pounds real fast and ran like crap.
    I know for a fact that at their junior days at TCU Hawthorne, Phillips, Carder, and summers all ran 4.5's and Washington hit a 4.48 but not sure how they ran at the combine. Only one I know that would have probably been a lot slower at the combine would have been Phillips because he tore his knee but still tried to run and do drills.
  7. This board definitely needed another idiot.
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  8. LMAO at the guy who just told someone to do a little research not knowing Shadrach’s last name.
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  9. Aggy gonna Aggy.

    Some day they may win something of note. But probably not.
  10. I combined the 2 best LB's in TCU history to make one super LB
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  11. I kinda laughed
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  12. Goal for the day ATTAINED! lol
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  13. I would advise most people to avoid any goals that involve me.
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