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TCU currently (or soon to be currently) has the best 2 LBs in school history

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, May 15, 2021.

  1. I think Jason Phillips, David Hawthorne and Lamarcus McDonald would have something to say about what they did, not some BS eye test.
  2. And........NONE of the guys you mentioned had notable NFL careers. Hawthorne want even drafted at all and was bench warmer all 4 yrs in NFL and other two were busts in NFL.

    BANKS and BROOKS have potential to not only be stars in college but also stars in NFL.....and......very high draft choices.....unlike the 3 NFL busts that you mentioned.

    You gotta pay attention Nancy ! You can’t just sit on the couch pharrrting like you do, honey. Put yer big girl panties on and pay attention. This is a big girlie board sweet cheeks !

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  3. PATTERSON has to be foaming at the mouth at the prospect of getting BANKS over to his defense at LB !!

    BANKS is that one last piece on defense that will get TCU (finally) past OU and will allow Frogs to defeat Sooners on the field and win the B12 Title.


    ****BANKS at Inside LB (at 240 lbs with incredible speed) knocks the crap outta the big OU RBs who have been bullying the smallish undersized TCU LBs for years now.

    ****BANKS meets any and all B12 RBs with violent collisions at the Line of Scrimmage knocking them backwards and stuffing them constantly on inside running plays

    ****B12 opposing Coaches finally decide to avoid BANKS area of the field and totally give up on inside running plays.

    ****B12 coaches decide to run wide vs TCU on running plays, in order to stay away from BANKS (who is smashing and abusing RBs on inside runs) - which plays into Tcu’s defensive strength of team speed on defense. OU has beaten Frogs over and over and over again by smash mouth football and running inside and steamrolling TCUs undersized LBs.

    ****LB MARCEL BROOKS (if he rises up and changes positions) has the uncanny ability at LB to make great defensive plays in space when opposing offenses choose to go wide in order to avoid BANKS. BROOKS was spectacular at outside LB at LSU. He made highlight reel plays at LSU when teams tried to go wide on him, on running plays.

    ****So.........BROOKS shuts down outside run plays at outside LB.......and.......BANKS stuffs inside run plays. That makes all opposing B12 teams one dimensional on offense.

    ****If running plays aren’t working vs TCU then opposing teams have to pass the ball.
    I like that !! All American TOMLINSON is on one corner (they will avoid him) and potential NFL draftee DANIELS is on the other side. Where do you throw the ball ? Only option is deep passes vs TCU safeties and those are risky passes. BUD CLARK is a future high NFL draft choice at one Safety spot, and TCU has experience and speed at other 2 Safety spots. Where do opposing offenses throw the ball ? Gotta go deep. Only option.

    ****If opposing defenses decide the only option and only possible weakness in Frog defense is to throw deep, opposing offenses have to give their QBs lots of time in the pocket to do so.
    TCUs DLine is spectacular and will not allow that time.

    So...........how do opposing offenses attack the TCU defense ?

    ANSWER: there is nowhere for them to go........IF AND ONLY IF.......BROOKS and BANKS replace the current undersized midget 200-210 lb undersized TCU LBs (who OUs Lincoln Riley loves to steamroll every yr by calling inside running plays right at the scrawny TCU LBs as he purposely flattens them with big RBs)
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  4. Who the f$&k are you? Your C student status is in no danger of improving anytime soon. How did Hawthorne lose 5 years of his 9 year NFL career.
    While Brooks and Banks COLLEGE career is TBD, Hawthorne’s almost 600 NFL tackles and his TCU career are mere dreams for 2 players with no starts at all.

    Jason Phillips started his 1st game at TCU. Lastly I seriously doubt you have ever seen LM play. What a total tool you are.

    Ignore list is in your future as of now.
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  5. It’s the meth talking. Don’t take it too seriously
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  6. This feels like that time my sister had a co-worker with nowhere to go for Thanksgiving and invited him over not knowing he was a “flat earther” that felt obligated to prove it for 3 hours.


  7. Seriously who the HECK are you ? Are you this blind and stupid a female pretend fan or do you just play one on TV ?

    Seriously you can’t possibly be this ignorant and I don’t mean to be insulting but your comments are incredibly STUPID an any casual couch potatoe knows it !!

    LAMarcus MAC - total BUST in NFL
    J Phillips - total BUST in NFL
    Hawthorne - not drafted at all. Journeyman player at best. Sat on bench first yr. was cut his final yr and didn’t play at all that yr.
    started in 2008 and done in 2015. Was cut in 2016 before season began. Not sure where in hellll u went to school but any idiot knows that ain’t 9 yrs !!
    He did OK w Saints for 2 yrs then went to the bench and career was basically over. Not minimizing him, he did play in NFL but only reason he played at NOrleans was they had nothing at LB when he was there.

    You sir are a ignorant couch potato but I mean that in the best sense. Put your panties on Nancy !!

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  8. You are focusing on the past, I am focusing on the future.

    The point is that BANKS is special. Very very special. An extremely rare blend of big size and incredible speed. That is almost unheard of and is something that NONE of the 3 guys you mentioned had.

    BANKS is a once in a generation type athlete and has enormous off the charts potential and he has God given talents and physical gifts that the 3 guys you are obsessed with - NEVER HAD !

    You gotta put on yer bra and panties sweet cheeks and pay attention. This is a big girl board honey buns !
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. All posters on this board -

    What do want to bet the little wussssie never put me on ignore and he posts his little girlie posts again ?

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  11. Wyoming Frog obsessed with panties!? What's up with that? You go girl!
  12. The 3 best line backers to play at TCU were Daryl Washington, Paul Dawson and David Hawthorn. If any of the young guys on the roster can put on a performance next year like any of those three I’ll take it. And Wyoming, I love your passion... I plowed a case of Coors Banquet in Gillet WY at a Motel 6 once


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  13. You did what to a case of Coors?
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  14. NFL players term a couple of years in the NFL as “5 mins” in the League. Even if in League a bit more than a few yrs if only a couple of those yrs were productive they call it the same thing.

    WASHINGTON was in the League about “5 mins”.

    DAWSON was in the League less than that and was a total BUST in the pros.

    HAWTHORNE maybe 10 mins. He rode the bench more than half his 7 yrs.

    Not meant to minimize those guys but BANKS has waaaaay more potential !! WASHINGTON had speed but not size like BANKS. HAWTHORNE had size but not the speed of BANKS. DAWSON had neither size nor speed.

    Banks has elite WR speed at 240 lbs which is not human. He can easily add 5-10 more lbs and still be the fastest LB in all of college football. That is a scary thought for opposing B12 coaches. He can close running gaps with shocking speed and bone crushing hits at the line of scrimmage which will totally shut down the opposing inside running game.

    None of the guys you named had shocking speed at 245 or so pounds.

    BANKS is a once in a lifetime LB. You won’t ever see a TCU LB like him ever again in your lifetime.

    And.......if MARCEL BROOKS would realize he is a LB he and BANKS can form the most amazing LB duo in all of college football. BROOKS was a killer LB at LSU !!

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  15. I vote for Why-ohming Frog for head coach. The hell with GP.
    Why-ohming Frog Uber Alles!!!!
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  16. Kyle Clifton. He had a 14 year NFL career. I'd say he was probably one of the best.

  17. I was at a daddy-daughter dance and was talking to this guy while waiting for the carriage ride. He started going on about chemtrails. I was really glad when I got on the carriage and away from that weirdo.
  18. The average NFL playing career is 2.5 years, but I wouldn't expect the average idiot to know that. Not the exceptionally idiotic idiot either.

  19. Dumbest prediction of the year!

    Let's start w/ some of GP's best LB's to date....

    L Mac played in the opponents backfield. Was easily the first great LB in the GP era and would have had a better NFL career if he wouldn't have listened to some idiot who told him he needed to gain 20 pounds to play at the next level. There goes your whole 6'2 235 nonsense is laughable because it just tells me he'll have his hand on the ground by the end of the year.

    Hawthorne was a beast in the NFL. You're right. He was undrafted, which makes his career that much more impressive. Won a starting job his rookie year, crushed it in the NFL for 9 years. 9 YEARS! They literally had his picture draped on the side of the stadium in Seattle for 2 years.

    J Phillips gave TCU all he had. Started 50 of 51 games, still is GP's 2nd or 3rd leading tackler and also up there in TFL's I think, was the number 2/3 ranked ILB going into the draft and then BLEW HIS KNEE OUT AT THE COMBINE, did it again in training camp his rookie year, fought injuries the rest of his career, blew his other knee out his first year in Philly and still got 6 years in the NFL w/ 5 credited so he got fully vested.

    D Washington is easily the best we've ever seen and was killing it in the NFL, Pro Bowl selection, 40+ million dollar contract. Just got stupid and got in trouble. By far the most athletic LB, and maybe all round athlete, TCU has ever seen.

    Travin Howard, GP's 2nd or 3rd leading tackler, played at about 210 and filled the inside gaps like a monster. We didn't even have to switch to a nickel defense when we had him because he just went to safety and kept playing.

    That list could have been a lot longer but I actually have a job so I can't waste too much time on here (especially reading that BS you posted).

    You sure are putting a lot into a kid who has done absolutely nothing at TCU yet. A kids "star" raking has absolutely nothing to do with how his career will turn out. You obviously don't know anything about how many 5 stars are in the NFL or even have decent college careers. I hope the kid does great but I doubt he see's significant playing time until at least year 2.

    Our LB's have been so good in the past because they fit GP's scheme. Until I see this Banks kid run vertical with the #3 WR when we zone blitz, play press man on one of the best slot WR's in college football and then get back in the box and shut down one of the best RB's in college football (talking about T Howard) or even be able to handle getting lined up in GP's system I'd say he's a paper tiger at best.

    And correct me if I'm wrong but Brooks played a lot of WR in the spring and I'm guessing it's because he couldn't handle the scheme or the tough coaching he got from GP.

    You might want to do a little real research instead of reading rivals.com all day in your mom's basement and then getting on here and pretending like you know anything about how this program works. I'd also be careful throwing out critisicms like "NFL Bust" when it comes to the guys that played for GP and thrived in this program. Very tight group of guys and are usually a little unhinged. If you stand by that prediction then put your real name on those insults because I'd love to see what would happen if you crossed paths with a guy like Hawthorne/Phillips/Washington after calling them busts. You'll probably be eating through a straw for about 6 months.
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