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TCU Cancels Graduation

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horned Toad, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. I just received an email from Chancellor Boschini stating that TCU was canceling graduation ceremonies that were scduled in August due to worsening pandemic.

    July 6, 2020
    Dear Horned Frog Graduates & Families,
    We are extraordinarily proud of you, your resilience, positivity and dedication over these past few world-changing months. Today, I write to share news about Commencement plans. I am extremely saddened to say that based on the resurgence of the virus across the country and following consultation with our local health authorities, we are unable to host the Senior Toast and the Commencement ceremonies planned for August 7and August 8, 2020. We are crushed, but must make the responsible decision for our campus community. This video message summarizes my thoughts. More information may also be found online at commencement.tcu.edu.

    Graduates, you have achieved so much, and managed adversity with grace.
    Parents and families, you have supported and cheered your Horned Frogs on to their status as proud Texas Christian University graduates. We thank you.

    Your faculty and staff still plan to celebrate you appropriately when it is safe to do so. Until that time, we are proud to welcome you to a larger community of successful and ethical leaders we call alumni.

    Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

    My response is below:

    Chancellor Boschini,

    I’m sure this will be just one of many responses that you’ll receive from disappointed graduates and their parents. I have to voice my frustration with you for canceling the graduation ceremonies for the 2020 class. My wife and I have been waiting 22 years for this day only to have it once again snatched out from under us. We understand the complications that the current pandemic represents but we do not understand how our local Fort Worth high schools with far fewer resources can pull off similar graduation events and yet TCU is unable to do the same with far better facilities. It’s like being handed a sparkler as a stand-in for a grand fireworks show.

    Why cannot TCU hold the event at ACS over the course of several evenings if necessary and follow the pandemic protocols of social distancing. There’s more than enough room in the stadium for 2,000 graduates and their families to spread out and keep things safe. Limit the number of family members and assign sections by cohorts divided by empty rows to enforce distancing. We can all handle the August evening heat to pull this off. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids and the thrill of crossing the finish line for both them and their families is being snatched away when there is a safe venue located on campus that could provide an extraordinary backdrop to the conclusion of their academic careers. If you don’t hold the event now, then when? Do you think TCU will be more prepared in the winter? That will prove even more problematic as the cold weather will force the event inside. Which is worse, an indoor event which we know is not advised or an outdoor event where everyone could spread out and stay safe? If it’s not safe now, when will it be? It will already be hard enough to get everyone back for graduation in August. If you go past that you’ll have even fewer participants as it will be anti-climatic at any later date as new jobs and careers will have already begun.

    I am requesting that you reconsider your decision to cancel graduation. Please don’t ruin this important moment for this class and their families and those to come after. TCU has the facilities and the abilities to pull this off.

  2. I always thought graduation ceremonies were overrated. I don’t remember anything special about mine from TCU; we didn’t even get to sit by your friends since everything is alphabetical. Graduation Parties on the other hand are awesome. Not being able to get boozed up with your parents and have your dad embarrass himself in front all your friends is the true tragedy in my opinion.
  3. You better still pay up though! No tuition discounts or reductions!
  4. Have you ever been to Fort Worth?
  5. I hope he doesn’t feel bullied...
  6. my graduations never really meant anything to me. at the time I couldn’t for the life of me understand why it was a big deal for my parents.

    now as a father to young kids I get it. my parents were proud of me and they were proud of themselves for raising a kid that could graduate college. milestones are important and they are worth celebrating.

    sorry OP that you’re being robbed of a graduation. I wish tcu could find a way to still get it done - as you suggested in your note.
  7. Yes, I’ve lived here for 58 years. Duh
  8. They aren't for you, they're for your parents.
  9. I'd take my chances on a January night as compared to an August night any day of the week
  10. This time last year Boschini was entertaining retirement. Wonder what he is thinking now.

    The hate to that office has been unbearable to the support staff.
  11. Yeah I feel like graduation ceremonies are for the parents, not the kids. Maybe if you are the first person in your family to graduate from college I could see it being a big deal, but I remember not caring about it.

    I realize while I’m typing this that it might come off as pompous or something, but that’s far from the intent.
  12. y
    You are a lot nicer than I would be with a response letter. No excuse here. there could be more than one way to skin that cat. Plus, the more lies and false info propagated on the American public with this so-called pandemic is getting sickening. (I know, that's for one of the other half-dozen threads).
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  13. I would think that anyone who could conceivably retire (or even take a sabbatical) should consider it. If one can afford to sit this stuff out, why not? Just get in the bunker for a few months.

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  14. I'd extend that to anyone who is supposed to be in college this year and can afford to stay home for a year. Call it a gap year and find something productive to do with you time.
  15. This is just the beginning. TCU is preparing for no football this year fellas.
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  16. Yeah, the writing has been on the wall for the past 2-3 weeks. I hate it, and it doesn't make sense to not have a season, but it's almost certainly going to happen. I simply won't understand why we can't have a no fans season.
  17. How do you prepare for no football?
  18. My guess is that the preparation is in regards to the economic fallout of no football....
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  19. Seeing Harvard go to online classes for all of the '20-'21 school year shows where this thing is headed.

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