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TCU-BU on 7 day hold...no night game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Yeah disrespect to Baylor I meant. We've disrespected ourselves enough by playing so poorly.
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  2. That is our own doing. Can't expect night games when you lose a bunch of games.
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  3. Just curious but where do the students who park there during the week go to park there cars on game days?
  4. Angela Stanford’s house.
  5. I wonder how her call went today...
  6. Very funny and clever!!!
  7. If only we'd beaten SMU then everything would feel so much better. 5-2 with forgivable road losses even if they were ugly to watch.
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  8. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best game of the weekend, or if it’s two highly ranked team. There’s no need to get upset over “night game” or “11am” any more.

    The best game of the week has been at 11am many times this year (OU/TX; Ohio State/Wisconsin; Iowa/Michigan-both teams were top15).

    Also, seems as though some of the more spare Big12 games have been at night. See last week, TT/KU was the worst matchup of the Big12slate. I also remember a few weeks ago, KState/OSU (not a great matchup at the time) was a night game, but not even on TV. Ask OU. They’ve been top 5 all season and played every game at 11am. They lose one game, and now they finally get a scheduled night game.
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  9. This better be a 230pm game.
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  10. Meh.....
  11. Other than the option of being drunkest what is the reason for wanting a night game? I can maybe see having a daytime kid's event being one of the few other reasons. Just curious
  12. For a big game, night games usually seem like they have a better atmosphere, to me anyway.
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  13. The atmosphere of a night game is awesome.

    But for personal, selfish reasons, I prefer the 2:30 kick.
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  14. I can’t believe
    Because Phil Collins didn’t sing a haunting melody about feeling it coming in the air this early afternoon. Because they didn’t name the band Morning Ranger. Because Bob Seger never once worked on his Mid-day Moves.
  15. Well, you'll find this interesting. Listening to Holly Rowe on the Big 12 Today on Big 12 Sirius XM radio. She mentioned an issue for bu, still. She said everywhere she goes outside of Waco, when baylor is mentioned, there is a lot of backlash because of the whole rape u crime coverup scumbag [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] they pulled. Seems a lot of people are still ticked that they have not been punished for it.
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    2:30 games after daylight savings ends aren’t a whole lot different than night games IMO. The games that start in the sun and end in the dark are kinda cool, maybe even a better atmosphere than night games. And you get home before midnight. I’d rather tailgate in daylight anyway.
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  17. I wouldn't disagree that they really value the Big 10 relative to the their Big 12 "partners" but when it comes to 11:00 am games, I would be happy to have the continue to value them if it meant us and other Big 12 teams avoiding the 11:00 am games. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work that way as there are usually still at least two 11:00 am Big 12 games on FS1 and one of the ESPN's.
  18. I have a hunch this one will be at 11:00 for some reason.
  19. I can stay at my spot as long as I want, so long as I'm gone by 8am Sunday.

    I'm hoping for a 2:30 game that week. Tailgate before and after! I'll get fat!
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  20. If it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t ever happen. NCAA is spineless.

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