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TCU-BU on 7 day hold...no night game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Wow that's just disrespect. Are they expecting Baylor to lose this week or help them out by not playing a rivalry at night?
  2. Disgusting it's not a night game
  3. One night game this entire year. That just reeks.
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    I would expect Baylor was favored against WVU as the game is even at Baylor

    Edit: Vegas says Baylor is a 19 point favorite.
  5. 2:30 is great. I get to bed at a reasonable hour driving back to Dallas.

    didn’t big 12 say the new primetime is 11 am and that’s where lots of premiere games will play anyway?
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  6. I generally agree with the previous posters. However, a day game conjures memories of the “Good job Big 12” game.‍♂️
  7. 11am is where FOX puts its first pick. But they have picked all Big 10 games so far this year for that slot except for Texas-OU. That game this week is Nebraska-Purdue if you really want to laugh, and then Ohio State-Maryland the week after. They really like the Big 10.
  8. $ $ $ $ $ ... no matter who they air in that league.
  9. I have an event that night so I am glad it will be likely a 2:30 game.
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  10. [Baylor asshoe]
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  11. Now and forever and unto ages of ages, amen.
  12. Severe weather is going to push this back to a 7:00PM game.
  13. I personally prefer day football games versus night. Its old school and there is plenty of time for the victory tailgate party afterwards!! Go Frogs!
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  14. I believe you mean there is 90 minutes from the end of the game for the victory tailgate party afterwards, per TCU rules.
  15. Nah, he means we’re all going back to Putt’s for a kegger after the game.
  16. Disrespect to who? Decent chance we’re 4-4 when that one kicks off. I give zero [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s if they disrespect Baylor.
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  17. And? I'm guessing you feel entitled to stay in the parking lot all night? How different is it when the game ends at 10pm at night? Admit it, you prefer to get wasted before the game. Just saying.
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