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TCU Bowl Projections Post Week 11

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Nov 10, 2019 at 5:34 PM.

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    TCU vs Marshall at the First Responders Bowl in Dallas says one writer. No TCU bowl game says the other writer. So sad where this proud program is now and has become the last couple of years.


    Gary has now lost 11 of his past 22 football games. His defense over that period is not the issue. TCU football is a business and we are on the brink of something really bad here. Prediction, if TCU doesn't make a bowl game and also doesn't clip some of the dead coaching weight on the staff in the off season look for TCU football season ticket and season parking spot purchases to plummet. People want to enjoy their Fall football Saturdays and that is why TCU Athletics has enjoyed the funding they've had up until this point.

    The program turnaround we've seen at LSU this season gives me hope that if Gary makes the right decisions soon, we could have a 2020 season that makes us purple faithful forget about 2018 and 2019 seasons.
  2. Frogs are going to get hammered into the ground in Norman. Should beat WVU. So bowl eligibility probably comes down to Lubbock this weekend. The raider rash just went to Morgantown and demolished the mountaineers. After our 3OT heartbreaker, I think this weekend is a coin flip at best.
  3. TTU gave up over 500 yards to a miserable WV offense. Won because they won TO battle 4-0.
  4. 18D5CC2A-2357-4417-8A52-A36B83CE0CD3.jpeg Girding my loins for The Old Crapper Tank Bowl.
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  5. At this point, the potential to lose to Marshall or some other team in a bowl game is too much. I’d rather beat tech and lose to WVU.
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  6. Based upon last season, the 15 extra practices a bowl acceptance creates MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. Bad players and bad coaches who practice more are still bad players and bad coaches.
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  7. This is not a bowl team....
  8. If a bowl game somehow means some sort of bonus/raise for this coaching staff then we should ardently cheer against it. Not a single person associated w the football program deserves compensation for this season.
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  9. The chance to play recto ranger Marshall at a preschool stadium in Frisco???? Sign me up!!! We can stop for a $87 beer at reservoir on the way. Slice Heim Slice!
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  10. True, but you can say that about 30 bowl teams per year.
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  11. Love to hear board's thoughts but is a bowl game actually good this year? I know everyone says you get extra practices, but maybe our sole focus should be on hiring a new offensive coordinator and planning to a T to run that offense in 2020, instead of being stuck with the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] we have for that extra month. Go hammer the recruiting trail and get everyone ready for 2020.
  12. Bowl game is always good for a host of reasons.
  13. For the host?
  14. Our extra practices last year worked wonders for that game and this season too. Doesn’t it show?
  15. Time to start calculating our APR
  16. C'mon man. The game is a reward for the kids, mostly. They get a travel destination, they get swag, events around the game etc.

    Fans get an extra game, hopefully in a good place.

    Team/coaches get extra time with the kids, which if there are new coaches often gives them extra time with the kids before break.
  17. [​IMG]

    vs. North Texas in Rhome.
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  18. Well, we won that 1st game
    Well, we won that 1st game right?

  19. Give me Liberty (bowl) or give me death!!!!
  20. I really hope we play in a bowl game and this program should to everything in their power to win these last three regular season games. I certainly want it for the kids and an extra game as a fan!

    I was more just speaking as to the end result, which would be better for next year? It appears it is almost a foregone conclusion that Cumbie will be out after this year. If you haven't fired him by now I will assume you won't until after the bowl game, because that would mean we may have actually shown some improvement winning at least 2/3, making it hard to fire Cumbie then. So then the offense is prepping under Cumbie's scheme for an extra month when it will inevitably change with a new coach the following year.

    I think the pros of a bowl outweigh the cons. Just saying it might be nice to wipe the slate clean after WVU, go find your next offensive guy, and start feeding that playbook to everyone. All the while you are out hitting the recruiting trail. Would never suggest tanking but wondering if no bowl game in this scenario would be the worst thing.
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