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TCU Baseball fall practice.....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by frogtex, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Drove by Lupton yesterday...saw what I’m assuming is scouts in the stands watching the Frogs....anyone have any early reports? Moose???
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  2. Real, by-Ghod Baseball!
  3. Really good club loaded with experienced veterans thanks to COVID. Omaha caliber team IMO.
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  4. The talent is there. We just need to play an entire season.
  5. anything or anyone stand out? Same rotation? With so many guys back, will any new player make an impact?
  6. It's basically the exact same team. I would expect very little from newcomers at this point. Three very talented guys that need to pitch to their abilities will define the season IMO.... Ray, Krob, Perez. If they do what they're capable of there is no ceiling to this team IMO.
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  7. I’m curious about the contributions of Byrne (had a great summer with the bat) and Cam Brown & Elijah Nunez (highly touted freshman)
  8. ...and Green (my new favorite) continuing his level of play.
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  9. Still can’t bunt for [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]
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  10. I think Byrne plays a key role for sure. Not sure there are many innings available for Cam this spring. Not a knock on Cam, I'm just not sure he's ready to take innings from Smith, Krob, Ray, Perez, Green, Cornelio, Beethe, Mihlbauer, and King on the weekends and there may not be many midweek games. The staff is EXTREMELY deep. They need to play 5 games a week to get everyone the innings they need/deserve. There are 4-5 other guys I didn't even mention above that are very solid college arms. Storm Hierholzer is another very talented freshman who could be as good or better than Cam in time. Not sure what to expect from Nunez. He was hurt all last spring and didn't play last weekend when I was in FW (sick maybe?).
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  11. This is the content I don’t pay anything for on this site but expect to see.
  12. Im gonna guess Cam finds a way to get his time on the bump somehow this season. Saw him in person this summer and he’s got an extra gear that’s special. Just not sure which role.

    Scary the amount of depth we are gonna see in most D1 pitching staffs this season.
  13. All the more reason to be efficient at manufacturing runs.
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  14. So who are our top three starters?

    Assume Ray and Smith are locks. Cornelio as the 3rd?
  15. I think this team's ceiling is undefeated national champions.
  16. Are you sure that's a lofty enough goal?
  17. I'd put my money on Krob as the 3rd but there are easily 4-5 other guys who could fill the role.
  18. Moose is the Peter Gammons of Jeremy Clarks.
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  19. We darning lucked out with Covid and the baseball team..as you said EVERYONE is back. Even a ton of 5th year seniors Unreal.

    Is there any other teams in the country that were as lucky as us to bring back all their talented players??
  20. I heard there was a discussion that if we only play conference opponents- to possibly play 5 game series Thur - Sun with a double header on Saturday

    have you heard that idea being discussed?

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