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TCU Alum in XFL Draft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by fuelfrog, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Obviously I was wrong in the zero tolerance on domestic violence
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  2. John Diarse signed with an indoor football team after not getting taken in the XFL
  3. They don’t allow any convicted felons to play which is a stretch better than the NFL
  4. Final rosters announced today. Johnson and Texada made the roster for New York, Hunt for St Louis, Maponga for Seattle.

    Draftees not on rosters: Hicks (retired), Fabuluje (waived by Houston),
  5. I loved Diarse took a hit and got back up. Great blocker as well maybe not the fastest but he was a football player
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  6. Poor Turpin, would have liked to see him get a shot, especially if Oakman made it.
  7. Oakman never got convicted of anything.

  8. Neither did Turpin
  9. Oakman was clearly guilty of skipping leg day and taking a break every other play to rest.
    He was also found guilty of first degree criminal douchebaggery.
  10. at penn state they just cover it up too
  11. Ok.

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  12. [​IMG]
  13. And? He still hasn't been convicted...not even of a misdemeanor. So you're still wrong. Get it? It's just facts, man. They kinda matter.
  14. Actually, dumb scheiss, Oakman DID get convicted. When the verdict reads, "We the Jury find the Defendant GUILTY," that means you are convicted. The conviction was much later reversed on appeal. So "never convicted of anything," is, to keep it simple for a simpleton, a lie.

    Turpin, on the other hand, will have his charge dismissed, without EVER having any conviction, upon completion of his probation.

    So you are basically batting a thousand in being wrong. Kudos.

    I know Baylors don't let facts or words get in the way of their stupid, but at least want you to be aware of your stupid, since you probably were too stupid to know your stupid.
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  15. You are stupid you’re, or possessive stupid. I’m not sure.
  16. It was possessive
  17. Disappointing that all former TCU players have dropped from the Houston squad. I was looking forward to cheering them on.
  18. Can we ban this scheissing loser already? scheiss
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  19. Oakman might have done it, Turpin actually did do it. Doesn't matter. Truth be told both of these guys are probably female disrespecting [ Arschloch]s. If your daughters were the ones involved in these incidents with these two, would you still be defending them? I hold no great esteem for Shawn Oakman. If he did what was accused then let him rot in hell. I just despise the modern tribalism. If he wears green then he's a rapin piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. If he wears purple then he's a good kid that made a mistake and deserves another chance. Its ridiculous.

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