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TCU 360: TCU executive compensation out paces faculty salaries and benefits

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. TCU executive compensation out paces faculty salaries and benefits

    By Benton McDonald

    The compensation of TCU executives has continued to rank above the university’s peers even as compensation for its faculty and staff has fallen behind.

    The percent of expenses devoted by the university to executive salaries ranked 5th out of 67 comparable schools, according to a report by the Faculty Relations Committee.

    Twenty executives received compensation that totaled to $11.4 million, according to TCU’s 2017 IRS Form 990 filing cited in the report.

    Read more at https://www.tcu360.com/2020/06/tcu-executive-compensation-out-paces-faculty-salaries-and-benefits/

  2. A student learning some facts. In 1921, I suspect the same article was written about another university in California, North Carolina etc.
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    Here's the underlying data, going back many years:

    Link Here
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  4. As a faculty member I often rail against top end bloat at academic institutions, but where my problem with administration lies with the sheer number of worthless positions, most of these faculty members only seem to care about salaries. I have no problem with administrators who toil 5-6 days a week, 8+ hours a day, 12 months a year (which is far more than most if not all faculty) supporting and growing the school we teach at being paid well for their hard work.
  5. Never seen so much blank space in a post before. Was all that censored?
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  6. Bad Excel-Fu...
  7. Fixed it, KF.com has a plugin that loads sheets natively but it might not work on all browsers or all users.

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  8. Dr. Boschini getting it from all angles this Summer.
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  9. EAD, Muck

    don't care who wrote it.

    EAD, Muck
  10. He (and the board) kind of deserve it on some of these topics, so much of this has been present for so long and they've ignored it. Being a little more active and preventative would have helped some.
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  11. I kid, I kid. My Excel skillz are exceedingly pathetic...
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  12. Right, Gary, last September they should have known that a CoronaVirus was coming from china, and would envelope other countries and the USA. Why on earth wouldn't they have known this, inasmuch as you and I and other folk here on the Forum knew exactly what was going to happen. Can't believe our administrators are so far behind Gary's Shirtless, and other smart folk.
  13. Must.....not....feed....the....troll.....
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  14. Boschini has hands down been the best leader in TCU’s history. But there’s been some coasting past real issues the past several years to focus on hauling in major gifts. That said I think he’s getting close to the end of his career and is becoming unafraid to cash in on built-up good will to make some tough but necessary long term changes so that the institution’s position is sustainable. I suspect he retires or moves into a much different role after the current $1B campaign / 150th anniversary in 2023. And I suspect the next chancellor will have a very different personality, skill set, and charge.
  15. If TCU gets that Billion they are shooting for this fund raising round that will put our endowment around $2.7 billion which ain't too shabby. If Trump gets reelected it will go over $3.0 billion in worth if Corona Virus 2.0 doesn't return with as much destruction. Hopefully tuition reduction off set by the investments of the enlarged endowment is part of the plan like how Rice helps ALL their students regardless of the situation they were born into.
  16. Comedy gold
  17. so TCU does have a bunch of worthless jobs at the school or not really?
  18. The whole billion isn’t for the endowment. Absurd partisan politics misconception about the stock market aside, your numbers are way too high.
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  19. "enlarged endowment"...hehehe

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