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  1. I don't notice the walk. Either thrilled with a win or bummed about a loss. Not really thinking about the walk. With a 3rd trimester wife this season, though, I'm sure I'll hear all about it.
  2. How is she gonna get out of the kitchen?
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  3. Nope. Couldn’t get my mind around my tailgating spot being farther from my seats than my house. Formulating a front yard tailgating plan with next door neighbors. Still not sure what it is but it will have pot roast. And probably a keg or premixed [ the old ricardo ]tails of some sort.
  4. I walk it all the time. It’s fine. Maybe not for a pregnant wife though. For a post game beer I will pick y’all up in golf cart. If I can drive. 50-50.
  5. You've got a deal. I'll even give you an extra beer for the road. What's your preferred hop soda so I make sure to put some in the Yeti.
  6. Awesome! Thank you very much!
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  7. Cold.
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  8. Thank you everyone for the responses
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  9. That's almost as far away as Norman.
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  10. For a fair price I will set you up with a shaded, grassy spot a 5 minute walk from the stadium. In my neighbor’s yard.

    *no refunds, buyer accepts all responsibility, seller may or may not have permission to sell the indicated tailgating spot
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  11. You selling space in Schloss' yard?
  12. Haha. It’s ok. I enjoy the walk after the games. Well depending on how the game goes.
  13. Good idea. I could get a premium.
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  14. Don’t know, but I’m going to guess the Mckinney Church lot is not alcohol friendly.
  15. Red wine is a sacrament. Even Jesus was a wine maker and server.
  16. The back side (north side) is all season parking and all sold as far as I know. The front paved side is first come/first served on game days. I think they start 3 hours before gametime.
  17. We have season parking at Trinity Episcopal Church on Bellaire Drive, and they sell game day parking. Most games they don't sell out, but for the UT and OU games they do. It's between and 2 and 3 beer walk to the stadium.
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  18. Park on a neighborhood street near the stadium, call an Uber, have them take you right to the stadium with a cooler (for $5) and then just walk around until you find some friendly tailgaters to join.

    Or buy a reserved spot online.
  19. There are 40 parking spaces for the OU at TCU game on Stubhub right now.

    Interactive parking map shows exactly where your spot is before purchasing.
  20. Liked for using beer as a unit of distance and/or time.

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