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  1. Hey y’all, Sooner fan here. We will be coming down for the game this year and I was just wondering the best place to park to set up our tailgate? Is parking at Paschal high school a good place to set up the canopy and grill and all that? Is there any grass around that parking lot? Would rather park and set everything up on grass behind the car if at all possible. Sorry about all the questions. Thank you!
  2. Nearest lot with grass is in Norman.
  3. In all seriousness, there aren't really any places for visitors to tailgate unless you can buy a season parking spot off of somebody. The only lot I can think of for tailgating is across from the UCC on University Dr. There isn't much parking on or around campus that isn't either reserved orsold to season parking pass holders.
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  4. Haha! Ok thanks! I appreciate the info
  5. Lots of visitors park at the back of the Paschal lot where they let the RVs set up. They have some pretty big tailgates and then walk an hour and a half to the new stadjium.
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  6. What about over by the baseball stadium and tennis center? Are those reserved?...I can’t remember, never park over there except when going to those specific sporting events.
  7. Yeah. Those are season pass lots and are sold out. We're in the Tennis lot. Moved there last year. I've tailgated in every lot at TCU at one time or another and the tennis lot is easily my favorite.
  8. Yes that's lot 14, reserved. But that's also where the visitor official talegate is weekly so if he didn't find his own spot, that would be an option.
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  9. Maybe park on Berry by the baseball field and tailgate in that grass median thing? Probably have to arrive very early for that.
  10. Might work, but must be vigilant for a red LeBaron convertible.
  11. How's the walk?
  12. Piece of cake. Probably 5 minutes longer to my seats than in Lot 4, but I get to the highway about 45 minutes faster. And every spot has grass.
  13. Tennis lot is in Colorado?
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  14. I am so crashing your tailgate this year.
  15. Bring it. If you let me know ahead of time we'll make pot roast.
  16. What about Alice Carlson? Or is that season parking only.
  17. Visitors can park at McKinney Church on Hulen and park in the back spaces next to grass to tailgate and ride the shuttle bus over to game.
  18. The walk blows after the game. All up hill.
  19. You could walk there on the way to the game. Do you have your same spot this year?
  20. That's what I dread. Especially with my ankles. That's why I've only done that walk once.

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