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Tailgating as Popular as it was?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by T-Ray, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Another thread to distract us from Saturday.

    I have been wondering about this for a couple of years, so I don't think the alcohol/no in-out policy has anything to do with it. I am specifically talking about lot 4. 5-8 years ago it was packed, now not so much.

    Is there another place on campus or lot everyone has moved to?
    Has the increased academics of TCU cut down on the supply of fresh partiers?
    Number of wins?
    Something else I am missing? I am open to theories.

    There are so many empty spaces in the west side of lot 4 the police are parking their vehicles in there. I would say at least 20.
  2. Good question. TCU killed a lot of it for regular fans.
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  3. Can't say for sure but my crew has either moved away or "tailgates" at a house on Bellaire. Mrs Pharm and I "tailgate" at Dutch's with a Dutch burger, a Lineman, and a large order of fried cheese. I really don't know anyone that is tailgating like we did 10 years ago.
  4. Yesterday was too hot to tailgate.
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  5. Lot 14 has seemed less crowded the last couple seasons.
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  6. Several reasons Imo, price vs other locations that can do the same thing. There are FAR more cops, I think they are thinking people in the stadium drinking are now a threat in the parking lot, a mistake I think. I still think they need to lower parking prices in lots like 4 and raise donation amounts and perhaps the tickets held by people that sell them every game will be released. The high priced parking will always sell out, they have not found the price point in Lot 4. I cant believe Lot 3 fans pay more for much smaller tailgate areas in the middle of the lot vs lot 4. They are about 2 minutes closer to the stadium than lot 4.
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  7. We had to spots in baseball lot, 13, I think. Let one go. Realized our mistake. Now sold out. Never full, but sold out. Go figure.
  8. It was the worst I can remember IN the stadium and we had chill rags! We went to the tailgate to get in shade and fans, watching [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty fb on TV is easier than in person.
  9. 14 has plenty of availability, but I don’t think there are many “spots for sale.” Seems less full last few years.
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  10. Our tailgate has expanded to 7 spots in Lot 4, I am the oldest by a long ways. Still enjoy it but the football quality is going downhill fast.
  11. Definitely lighter. That ridge up top next to the soccer fields or whatever those fields are for, is pretty much empty for the most part. 2014 it was lined with tents and music.

    Wonder if them turning that parking area into the soccer fields pushed people elsewhere?
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    Had a spot in lot 6 for over a decade. Let the spot go (along with my tickets) this season. I've had season tickets for over 20 years. Kids got older and more expensive along with the tickets and parking. Something had to give, and it wasn't going to be my kids. I miss tailgating and the games, but I like the $6,000 that I get to keep in my pocket more.

    We bought tickets and two parking passes to the SMU game for a fraction of the price that it would have cost me to purchase them through TCU.
  13. We let our spot in Lot 4 go before last season after they go sot strict on anything extending beyond the rear of the parking spot. After parking a pickup in the spot, there was no place to put up a canopy or put chairs. At $1250 a pop and no way to get adjoining spaces, we were forced to go elsewhere. Our spot now is a little further walk, but we like it SO much better.
  14. Buy a used mini cooper and you'll have plenty of space for a tent.
  15. $1250 for a parking spot? Wow. Nope. Nope. Nope. Never.
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  16. Nah, I have a permanently installed canopy over a large elevated deck with electricity, all at less than half of what I was paying in Lot 4. I get 3 hours before the game and as long as I want after, regardless of game start time (up until 8am Sunday I think, not that I'd stay that long).
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    2k for a spot got old in lot 3 when the grass area behind your parking space was starting to get bogarted by others. These are the spaces that back up to the lot where the parking garage is.

    It was assumed and respected for years that the grass behind your parking spot was your tailgate area. Once the garage was built in the next lot, interlopers were showing up real early and snagging the area behind your parking spot. That was horsechit and why pay 2k a season to have some joker squat on your tailgate area.
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  18. This is still an issue. We have a spot that backs up to the grass right across from the parking garage(Highview). Every week we have to be there when the gates open, or before for the bigger games, to claim “our spot” or it’s likely to be already occupied. It’s a free for all unfortunately.
  19. It wasn’t an issue until the parking garage went up, then the floodgates opened. You are right, one has to get their when the gates open to hold your spot behind your parking space.

    I remember some joker getting pissed because I moved his generator out my parking space back next to his canopy. I said if you don’t want to hear your generator running, why do you think I would want to? They didn’t even have a parking space in lot 3. Darn interlopers.
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  20. I've been saying this for years and years and years, but Del Conte completely gutted a big part of our core fan base by telling people that unless you are able and willing to stroke a big check, you do not matter to TCU. It didn't seem like a big deal back when it happened bc TCU was still sexy and cool and having decent seasons along with the newness of the Big 12.

    But despite all the criticism I received, I promised this board that the TCU administration was making a fatal and irreversible mistake. Look at our season ticket sales. Look at the environment, or lack thereof, of our stadium. Look at the parking lots before the game. The consequences of Del Conte and Co.'s short sighted and arrogant attitude are starting to become blatantly clear. Sad.

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