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Tailgate trailer for sale

Discussion in 'Slinging Sammy's Yard Sale' started by Isaac23, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/tro/d/mc-kinney-tailgate-trailer-ready-for/6939837947.html

    1988 Coleman pop-up camper has been converted into a tailgate trailer. We are getting rid of this as we don’t have the time and energy to tailgate as often with kids activities getting in the way. This trailer was totally gutted and reconditioned. It was mainly used at TCU games. I intentionally left the main colors of the rig a neutral black and gray so that it could be blended into different tailgates. The slide out bar top has a plexiglass picture frame that can be easily changed to match your team, Cowboys , Rangers, College team etc. All you would need is a 36 x 30 sheet of plywood painted in your teams color, slap a FatHead sticker on there and its ready. Additionally the table inside can be easily converted with sheet of 36 x 24 mdf, some paint, some polyurethane, and few FatHead stickers and your ready.

    The trailer has 2 10 gallon tanks for clean and grey water so that the sink is fully usable. To power water a 1.2 gallon per minute electric pump is included.

    The rig has a Pioneer DEH-S5100BT stereo. It has Bluetooth and USB inputs as well as a antenna for radio. Speakers include , 4 4’ Alpine S-S40 speakers to provide sound.

    The grill includes a Weber Genesis propane grill that is welded to the back bumper. This rig has been driven all over and on road trips and the welds have held up great.

    Jockey box and keg tab setup is included as well. Built on the back is a the keg tab and the inside has been retrofitted to hold a jockey box (cooler with coils for beer to run through) in case you want that setup. The middle interior has space for a 48 quarter cooler and a self-holding hinge to keep lid open.

    Interior seating includes custom made boat seats with the trailers nickname “PorterHouse” stitched onto the back bench. This can be easily fixed if you would like to take to an embroider to have this redone. The entire setup for the seats was around $800 so I assume you could have this fixed for a fraction of this price. I would be happy to provide the original vendors that provided this for me and they can quote you.

    We have 2 sets of tires to provide you , 6 total tires. The tires on now have nice rims and fancier though the tire itself is smaller. The original tires and wheels provide a tougher look but a bare bone rim painted black. You will receive both sets of tires to do with what you like.

    We would bring a separate TV to the games and plug into the rig and set on the bar top to watch all the games. We would use an external sling box or roku setup to get access to anything we needed and it worked great.

    There is so much to the this trailer. I built this from scratch and spent around a year piecing it together and making it what it is today. The rig has over $10k of equipment and toys on it. I am willing to part with it for half that price. Its ready to go to your next tailgate, BBQ competition, little league tourney, or whatever you choose to do with it. Call or email with more information or questions.

    Features include
    • Set of 3 - 5.30x12 RecStuff.com tries and rims
    • Set of 3 205/65 – 10 inch LoadStar Kenda tires
    • Exterior of rig sprayed with black bedliner
    • Front and back .045 gauge diamond plate
    • Weber genesis propane grill welded rig
    • Jockey box / keg tap setup
    • Pioneer DEH-S5100BT stereo
    • 4 - 4’ Alpine S-S40 speakers
    • Schumacher trickle Battery charger
    • Sink with 1. 2 gallon per minute electric pump
    • 10 gallon clean water tank
    • 10 gallon grey water tank
    • Detachable counter and cabinets
    • Bench seats and backing to seat 5 adults or 27 kids (kids love sitting inside this thing)
    • 4 bar stools for bar top
    • Interior table with detachable table base , 36 x 24 table
    • Picture frame bar top with plexiglass , 36 x 30 interior frame
    • Wood laminate flooring
    • 48 quart cooler custom fit for rig
    • 20 ft telescoping flag pole

    There’s more that I have probably missed. I hate to part with this . Someone will give it much more love and use than I can now.

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