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Super Bowl LIV thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. over/ under on the number of commercials/ rob lowe sitings in an attempt by fox to save that abomination of a television show that tarnishes the reputation of the state of Texas each time it airs
  2. Is Verrett even active for the 9ers?
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  3. Question. Who was the starting QB at Tech when TCU won 82-27?
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  4. Big fan of the Crazy Prospector so I'm going for the 40 9-ninar.
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  5. These offenses are works of art. Motioning, shifting, and giving multi pre-snap looks...So difficult for a defense to know where to key.

    Wish the Frogs would incorporate some of those principles into our scheme
  6. That Hyundai commercial was good.
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  7. Davis Webb
  8. mike leach says you don't need any of that stuff
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  9. We don’t even run the air raid correctly
  10. Still waiting for the Air Raid to win a game that matters
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  11. hey now, that isn't what is important............

    and jimmy lake is really pissed leach left wazzu
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  12. Niners quitting with a minute to go in the half is a total nod to GP
  13. WTH??? How did they not try a FG there??? Shanahan channeling GP?

    Edit: Predict that will come back to haunt them. Chiefs seem to make great half-time adjustments and wouldn't want to bet on keeping Mahomes in check for 4 quarters.
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  14. Right now. On my couch.

    Hung over from my birthday party last night.
  15. J-Lo is 50. Unreal.
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  16. Watching with sound off, listening to American Routes, which is always the best music of the week. [ What the heck? ] is up with the white underpadding with JLo's black leather squirrel cover? weird. And, FWIW, I can never, ever take anyone seriously who participated in this half-time show and then talks about women's issues. It's been a giant snizz-fest. NTTAWWT
  17. another reason to hate alex rodriguez,

    guy makes over half a billion dollars playing baseball and he somehow marries over his head
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  18. Ali G ruining my alone time with Shakira.
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