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Super Bowl LIV thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Who you got? I think KC in a squeaker.
  2. Chiefs win right at the end!
  3. Niners. Solid all around.
  4. If Garoppolo is forced to throw it I like the Cheifs. Not sure KC can stop that run game, though. If SF runs at will i can see them winning by double digits.

    I want the Chiefs to win.
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  5. SF has the better D and run game but Mahomes > Garropolo. Will be pulling for KC, but think SF will win. KC D will need to step up big time today.
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  6. I’m pulling for San Fran just because I’m so tired of hearing about Mahomes in East Texas
  7. Very impressed with SF, though I’m not a fan of the team. Few predicted them to be here in the pre-season.
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  8. When is Super Bowl LIT
  9. Every year, if you so choose.
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  10. Derrick Henry will vouch that the Chiefs can play run defense.
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  11. the 49ers run game is schemed differently than any other run game in the nfl and the one thing that scheme always seems to be able to do be it the broncos, texans, redskins, or falcons is run the football.

    between their using the fullback, the multiple shifts and formations to find and exploit the best blocking angles, and the mindset to just pound away until they get cracks it is just a different animal and they compliment it very well with the play action passing game.
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    What props is everyone considering?

    I’m playing so far:

    watkins over 3.5 catches

    Tarik hill to score TD +115

    thinking about Mahomes over 33 yards rushing?

    thinking Under 312.5 yards passing for Mahomes?

    Heads or tails? Lol.....j/k

    likely taking:

    Teaser SF +8.5 Under 60.5 (-125)
  13. number of times kobe is mentioned or shown on the screen, number of times arod is shown, how long it takes me to wish it was arod and not kobe on that helicopter
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  14. I'm wondering when H comes up in the Roman numeral system.
  15. It's five years until Super Bowl LIX.
  16. I'm pulling and cheering for Kansas City Chiefs. Personal and professional reasons. Second favorite team in the NFL. Go Chiefs!
  17. Go Niners. I really like Mahomes, but I've been a Niners fan since I was a kid.

    Also I really don't want Tyreek Hill to get a ring.
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  18. Last year’s cake?
  19. Thinking Chiefs.

    Wanting Niners.

    Need a huge game from that defensive line.

    Expect a big game from Kittle.
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