Starkville singalong

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  1. For daytime games:

  2. I sang Westside Story (and Porgy & Bess and the Chichester Psalms) with the Moscow Philharmonic at Tchaikovsky Hall back in college. Dead of winter, too. Awesome experience but witch-[ teat ] cold.
  3. My wife teaches at Keller, who’s getting blasted now for their native american mascot. They’re playing gonna get killed by Martin Friday night in the playoffs. Indians vs. Warriors.

    Somebody gonna get:
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  4. Not sure if humble brag.
  5. That would require humility, a trait I often admire in lesser people.
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  6. You made all of that up
  7. No, but I had to look up a bunch of spelling.
  8. They do this at Duck games in Autzen.

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  9. just off the top of my head.......
    Wisconsin-Jump Around
    Florida-Won't back down
    Purdue & Oregon-Shout
    LSU-Callin Baton Rouge
    WVU-Take me home, Country Road
  10. Purple Rain
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  11. Stomp and Holler...Hayes Carll
  12. Ray Price - "Fort Worth Texas" Lyrics
    They sing songs about Chicago all the time
    San Francisco and New York, they're all fine!
    But there's a song that's written on this heart of mine
    About a town, the best around! Let me tell ya!

    Fort Worth, No words could tell its worth
    Fort Worth, Texas, Best town on earth.
    It's Up Town and it's Down Town and it's Cowtown too.
    And there's no where like people there say,
    Howdy Doo, Glad to see you
    Fort Worth, Texas is western swing, it's Van Cliburn and fiddle strings
    It's everything I want and when I want to settle down
    Fort Worth, Texas, That's my town.
    Fort Worth, Texas, That's my town!

    Fort Worth, Texas is ridin' broncs
    Warm hearts, cold beer and honky tonks.
    It's cowboy tales, the Chisholm Trail and memories
    Bob Wills Music and Bill Mack Symphonies
    Let me tell ya!
    Fort Worth, Texas is Bar-B-Que, Amon Carter and T.C.U.
    It's great and let me state, there ain't no other place around
    Like Fort Worth, Texas, That's my Town.
    Fort Worth, Texas, That's my Town!

  13. Forgot to mention So7. How embarrassing.

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