Starkville singalong

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  1. Silent Night.
  2. Has to be Won't Back Down
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  3. Start Wearing Purple
  4. Does anyone even know the words beyond the chorus? Needs to be universally known imo.
  5. Livin on a prayer. We used to play this a few years ago and the entire student section sang along with it.
  6. Run to the Hills.

    Or Humpty Dance.
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  7. I don't know about our song but I'm sure this would be a favorite at OU

  8. Or Shout from Animal House.
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    Liked for Run to the Hills because it makes no sense in any way but is also an awesome idea.

    Also, if going with DU why not go all in with Freaks? I'm sure the west side lower bowl would enjoy that.
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  10. Tech has dibs on Ring of Fire.
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  11. The idea of 50,000 trying to hit those notes AND keep up with the tempo just made me giggle.

    I was serious about DU, though. I think a weekly 80s rap battle would do well. Sadly, Going Back to Cali wouldn’t be appropriate.
  12. That’s awesome!
  13. I’m WAY in on Freaks. 4th grader and I listen to that before every game to get pumped up. I’m not a very good parent.

    Edit - Tell me you can’t picture Turpin dancing along to that as he waits to receive the opening kickoff.
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  14. Continues to make me laugh when I think about a stadium singing that song. The lyrics are so incongruous with a stadium sing along in every way possible.

    People singing about the genicide of Indians then screaming and high fiving.
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  15. When I picture it we’re playing Florida St and it makes perfect sense.
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