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I love that SW corner of the SEZ. My seats are west side but close to that corner and usually once or twice a game me and my son will go down there and watch from that SRO area just behind the section. Such a great view and it’s nice to standup and move around a bit instead of sitting on a bleacher.
You in section 101?

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I'd have to go with yesterday's game because of how hot it was since the Alamo Bowl was in a dome. But definitely a good comparison.

If I remember correctly the biggest problem with the Alamo Bowl was that they didn't have all the concesssion stands open. Yesterday everything was open but they were just overwhelmed.
Alamo Bowl = Terrible
Ford Stadium = [ Finebaum ]hole
Nuf said…
Spit Blood ~~<~<and fornicate baylor!!


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I moved from the SW corner of the SEZ where I was in the top row, last seats...which are actually the seat closest to the west side concessions...to the west side between the 35-40 and already regret it after 1 game. In the SEZ, I could rush out at a break and get a beer, food, or whiz by the end of a break. Lines weren't bad at all.

At the Tarleton game, the lines on the west side were 15-20 deep. It's not missing an entire quarter like at GJF but even missing half a quarter is ridiculous. Luckily, we're close enough to the NEZ where I can hustle there and back and not miss too much but the east side, as a whole, is brutal.
We are in section 213 on the west side and I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 5 minutes for a drink or food.


SMU had a seat concierge program on each seat. An SMU buddy ordered a Shiner Bock for Showgirl Frog in the second quarter along with some other things like water.

The purchased items never arrived.
I tried to use that and got a message saying that seat delivery was not available in my section.