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As much as he loved TCU and the community, Bax added that it was tough for him and Gillespie to get on the same page. “There were some things we just weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on,” Bax said. “I took into it consideration after talking to my parents and God. I was just thinking it was time for me to move on and find another program.”

Five days after Bax entered the portal, Dykes fired Gillespie because the defense didn’t take a step forward as expected in 2023. Dykes moved quickly and Andy Avalos was named defensive coordinator the very next day.

Avalos had a lot on his plate during that first week from learning the roster, getting settled in Texas and so much more. But the former Boise State head coach made sure that one of the first things he did was reach out to Bax.

“One of the biggest things was just being able to turn on his high school film and see what he did there,” Avalos said. “Knowing the structure we’re going to play with and the position fit what his skill set calls for. It was just about finding out what his goals and aspirations were. Thankfully the staff here was really good about going through the personnel with us and identifying who we had and how we were going to build it.”

With Avalos moving TCU away from the 3-3-5 defensive scheme, there was a need for hybrid linebackers to get after the quarterback in the “STAR” position. That’s the hybrid defensive end/linebacker position in Avalos’ defense which presented a 4-2-5 look with three defensive linemen and Bax on the edge.

On Monday, Bax showed why he’s such a natural fit for this defense as rotated in with the first group on defense most of the day.

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