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Something For TCU Fans to Complain About

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, May 13, 2019.

  1. Hopefully we will have a few early kicks this year
  2. Are we complaining about the grammar? Because if so - first!
  3. wait, wait wait.......you think somethings is needed on an internet message board in order for posters to complain?
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  4. Is it too early to bring up how loud they turn the speakers on during football games?
  5. I don’t understand this. Wouldn’t the best ratings be at 2:30 and prime time?
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  6. Maybe they don't want to compete w/ ESPN and CBS' SEC game of week.

    It's also a given that the powers that be do not have to sit in the Texas sun for 11am kickoffs. Let's hope we play well enough to get those 11am kickoffs.
  7. No but you can unload on them about the lack of popcorn in the press box. Hell even Baylor has popcorn up there
  8. I'll complain about it. I hate 11:00am start times. Part of the experience of college football is getting together with your friends before the game. I try to do that before 11:00am games but the energy and enthusiasm I can devote to it is pretty low at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. And that doesn't even take into account the game atmosphere where more often than not, whatever crowd is there seems half asleep and then they get hot and leave.
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  9. Hopefully we'll be the best game late in the season, when it matters.
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  10. Just hope Fox doesn’t pick up the Texas game this year, seems like the only one that would be picked as “game of the week” on our home schedule (WVU at thanksgiving won’t get picked because tOSU/Michigan). I don’t mind 11am away games
  11. October 26th doesn't have many huge games as of now. Pokes/ISU, Auburn/LSU, Miss State/A&M, Bama/Ark, Wisconsin/OhioState, Penn State/Mich State. Notre Dame at Michigan is this weekend though so lets hope both those teams have some early loses and we don't have more than one loss.
  12. It's because they can win the time slot at noon.
  13. There's a 3 other potential "best games" that day. Wisconsin at OSU, ND at Michigan and Penn St at MSU.

    But yes, I'm hoping for a night game when Texas comes in.
  14. While I'm in the crowd who prefers night games, I'm torn when it comes to Texas in FW. The early game where Turp, Doctson, and Boykin dismantled them completely before the 1st quarter was over was pretty sweet. The storm delay post-midnight game, not so much.
  15. I prefer to think about the night game 2 years ago where Darius broke a safety’s ankles
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  16. The strategy, used by major networks for years, is to generate a big audience to start the day and then carry that audience through your full slate... lots of promotion during the first game for the 2:30 and 7pm kicks. It’s been harder for Fox to employ because they haven’t had a consistently good set of games every Saturday, but that’s changing with the Big 10 deal.

    I expect TCU to have a majority of afternoon kicks, with a couple night and a couple 11am.
  17. Brandon Jones. I’m pretty sure I read that although his doctor has cleared him to play, he hasn’t mentally recovered well enough for many activities like driving. Anytime someone signals they are turning left he panics.
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