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Some Interesting Quotes from Tech Players on TCU Game...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. These were posted on Tech's 247 board, and a few of them all but show their hand that there's no way Alan Bowman (partially collapsed lung) will be playing for them on Thursday:

    Were you part of the group that went to the hospital, and if so, what was the scene like there?

    TERENCE STEELE: "Yeah, he was in good spirits. He was happy with everyone. He's out now. He's rehabbing, getting better."

    How has Alan progressed in his recovery process? How much of it have you seen? Does he look like he's getting back on track?

    TERENCE STEELE: "I haven't been there to watch him or nothing. But I see him walking around. He's happy, smiling, in good spirits. So, yeah."

    Do you think this pass rush for TCU is going to be one of, if not the, best ones you've faced this season?

    TERENCE STEELE: "Personally, no. I feel like we've faced better D-lines this season."

    From what you can tell on film, how is TCU using Ben Banogu this year, number 15? Does it look like he's coming more from your side or Travis's side?

    TERENCE STEELE: "15 is more my side. Yes, I'll be going against him most of the game."

    So what is the scouting report on him? Or what do you feel will be the keys to keeping him disruptive?

    TERENCE STEELE: "I went against him last year. I didn't see nothing special from him. So I'm expecting the same thing as the previous season."

    The quarterbacks, is it a little tougher that you have to potentially prepare for two different ones since you don't know who is going to start for them?

    BRODERICK WASHINGTON: "A little bit. Just because we don't really know if they want to do the same things they do with 3 as they do with the back-up guy. We don't know if they want to use them the same way. Other than that, we're preparing for 3 to be the starter so."
  2. Terence Steele seems smart. I’ll be sure to pay special attention to that matchup on Thursday.
  3. Terence Steele is not impressed with TCU’s DL. He is also not impressed with Banogu and seems to feel that he will handle him.
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  4. it will be interesting to see how lj's return to the starting lineup at de impacts the play of the defensive line.
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  5. tech has seen some decent defensive lines this year in ole miss, wvu, and ed oliver at uh.

    the return of collier and summers back to linebacker were two big changes against iowa state. time for ben to put together a draft tape game and frogs will need contributions from that second defensive line.
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  6. I looked up the stats from last year and it looks like Banogu was only credited with two assisted tackles. Sacks came from Summers (2) and Boesen (1). Sounds like he handled him well last year like he said.
  7. Confidence is fine, I just wouldn’t to try to give my opponent any extra motivation.
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  8. Good to know other teams and players see our team as not that good as do most fans. I agree offensively, but our defense is great and I hope Banogu has 6 sacks on him.
  9. Confidence is great if you can back it up. We’ll see.
  10. Just like last year
  11. That doesn't mean that HE handled Banogu though. That only means that, as an offensive unit, they handled Banogu. Perhaps at the expense of allowing other players up front to make plays.
  12. with all the conversation that has gone back and forth just on this site alone concerning the play of shawn robinson, the turnovers, injuries in the offensive line, what has happened to anderson's carries etc..........

    the transition and the challenges in the defensive front really has gotten overshadowed. consider:

    • the loss of big ross and that impact on the rotation at defensive tackle
    • joe broadnax misses the southern game and bethley plays the nose instead of the of other defensive tackle position
    • lj collier misses the first few games and that results in ty summers spinning down to de
    • tcu instead of replacing 1 multi-year starting linebackers is replacing 2
    not saying the defense has played poorly. only that they have gone through some big challenges and it has impacted the play of the defensive front.

    frogs haven't had the depth they expected and the play by some of the replacement players has not been up to par. consider gary specifically mentioning in the post-game news conference about the linebackers not lining up properly.

    collier returned against texas, but in the second half it really looked like he was in survival mode. he did play much better against iowa state.

    i think the front as a whole played their best game against iowa state and it wasn't an accident with the return of collier to de and summers to linebacker.

    also remember that much of the time last year gary employed a 3-man line with the frogs dropping 8. one of the very rare times tcu plays their de's head up and ben is a speed guy whose game last year wasn't playing head up against offensive tackles.

    it will be interesting to see if gary goes back to the 3-man line and if so not how do the ends play, but who fills the middle without big ross.
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  13. Tech's offense was pretty pathetic in the game last year so it's great that they have all this confidence (I wouldn't expect them to NOT have confidence) but there were clearly some things they had problems with last year in the matchup whether they admit it or not.
  14. Their fans think this will be a pretty easy win on that site too. Couple bring up who we've lost to but even then one said something along the lines of Ohio State dominating and the score wasn't that close and same with the Texas game. I know I am biased towards TCU, but how can someone watch either game and come away with TCU was dominated?
  15. With all the turnovers and mistakes, does that mean we dominated ourselves?
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  16. Well, can't argue with Steele's comments on seeing better lines than TCU's this year. He's at least right about that.
  17. They're Tech fans. They could be 0-11 heading into a matchup with an 11-0 TCU team and will find reasons why Tech is actually better.

    They got steam rolled by Ole Miss but they think our loss to Ohio St proves we're not any good. It's flawless Lubbock logic.
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  18. I saw Banogu's performance against TTU as near perfect execution. He may not have had a lot of stats, but he was part of a larger scheme that held Tech to 3 points on their first drive, and scoreless the rest of the game. Ben did his job, he maintained the edge and didn't over-pursue for a selfish stat line.

    If some lineman wants to say he didn't have any trouble with a defense that held them to 3 points, I want some of what he's smoking.
  19. Probably want to keep those comments to yourself though when your offense couldn't put a TD on the board against that DL the previous year.
  20. Who have they played with a better DL than us?

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