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So (there it is again), I’m about to rewatch the TTU game from last year...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by WhatTheFrog, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. It’s time to start pre-scouting the retuning talent we have from last year, including SR. I’m excited about this coming season and it’s time to start getting fired up. We will be in the premium tailgating spots on the north side of Alice Carlson this year. The sun will be blocked and our tailgate spot will be paved. The season can’t get here soon enough (minus the 100+ degree days we have now)!

    Giggity giggity!
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  2. After the game you’ll have to choose a camp...

    A. SR has poor accuracy
    B. SR was a victim of the wind

    That seems to be the two sides around here..
  3. He stated that the game was a blur. I’ll give him that, being his first start.

    His accuracy WAS poor in that game, and the D bailed him out. Whether it was blurriness or the wind (which WAS crazy during that game) remains to be seen. He still rifled some bullets downfield and it seems obvious that we should see more downfield plays this season compared to the past 2. We have some playmakers at WR that should help him look great.
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  4. He’ll be fine, provided our OL matures enough to protect him / give him time to get acclimated...
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  5. There will be no time against Ohio State. Needs to develop a touch so he can hit short quick passes. I've heard Cumbie speak about his touch on the short passing game. If he gets a full 3 seconds to trigger it, we will be ok on the intermediate and occasional bomb, which he will probably have to scramble on.
  6. Wind is a thing in football. It was gusting 30-50 mph per the announcers. Tech averaged 333 passing yards last season, got only 153 in that game. Partly our defense, partly the conditions. Not making excuses for SR just that the wind was a factor.
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  7. We will see. pOSU hasn’t played a down in competition so far this season. Neither has TCU. Everything remains to be seen at this point. I don’t think they’ve seen the kind of speed or defense they will see on game day.

    One thing is for sure, wind will NOT be a factor in that game.
  8. The Ohio State game indoor?
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  9. Dilly dilly!
  10. Where you been?
  11. Dude said “Randy Texada".
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  12. .
    I’m not too worried about SR except the turnover thing. Obviously the ball security against TT was almost comically bad but you gotta think the coaches have been all over him about every day since so it should be much better. If it isn’t all this other stuff won’t matter because he won’t be playing.
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  13. LOL

    Sarcasm doesn't go through very well online.

    A big factor in that Tech game was the wind, I was making a joke because the OSU game is in a controlled environment.... and he won the state championship in the same location.
  14. Turnovers are gonna happen when you have a dude slinging the ball downfield (like KH’s first season at TCU). I think SR is a better gunslinger and can recover a bit better. Not unlike TB, if you think about it. SR is more accurate and a bit “hot" with his passes. They will get there faster than what we’ve seen the past 2 years. It’s the touch passes that I’m most interested in this year. If he can master that skill, look out!
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  15. Sorry I didn’t catch your sarcasm. Yes, he won it all in HS in that building.

    Who knows, maybe it will feel like home to him and he will perform similarly?
  16. Let's add a third side.
    C. Get the W, whether it's labeled pretty or ugly.
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  17. If we struggle in the first two games before Ohio State, I’m going to be nervous.

    If we roll in the first two games leading up to Ohio State, I’m going to be nervous.

    So, no matter what, I’m going to be nervous.

    Let’s just pray we stay injury free.
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  18. You mean...gel?
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  19. I was at the Tech game and it was one of the most miserable games I’ve been too with the wind/cold combo. One of those Mobile Bowls was pretty cold as well. Might have been 1999.

    We had seven fumbles that game and 5 of them were SR. We got lucky we didn’t turn the ball over 3-4 times.

    If SR turns it over under 10 times this year, we win 10+ games. If he turns it over 15+, we win 8 or less.
  20. Is he friends with Adam Dalton?

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