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So, I guess SMU is willing

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froginbedford, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. So, I guess SMU is willing to play now...December 12, Amon Carter Stadium....What a beat down awaits....You decide who the beater is....
  2. if we can win tonight we have a chance. Beat OSU we will win.
  3. Depends on which TCU team shows up. The dud that flopped at WVU or the team that was excited to play last night. If we don’t run the ball we lose- it’s that simple.
  4. Are we really going to play 12/12?
  5. We will spank them
  6. Several have posted that the ticket office as early as 3 weeks ago had game tickets for home on 12/12....
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  7. spanking is guaranteed, we’ll see who receives it
  8. She may be willing, but it's only 10:30 or so, and we'll need 3 more hours of solid drinking before a decision is absolutely necessary...
  9. 20201129_161750.jpg The date on the mobile ticket says 12/12.
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  10. We can beat them on the field and they can beat us off.
  11. We play A&M at Dickies that day too. Solid day of drinking.
  12. Mine has been like that for a while.
  13. Were you in the band?
  14. SMU is plenty capable of beating TCU and convincingly. 2020 TCU Football has not done anything that should give anyone any confidence they can beat any competent team. Anyone who thinks TCU beating SMU is a layup may wanna pull in the reins. Yes TCU beat a historically bad Kansas team but to win vs SMU the Frogs are gonna need more than 3 completed passes from QB.
  15. I never get tired of seeing "[ #2020 ]" under your name. SMU is no better than Texas Tech.
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  16. Hmmm, Tech looked pretty good against OSU with Bowman at QB. Glad he was out for our game.
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  17. Still seeing projections of TCU SMU in the Armed Forces Bowl. Would not want to see that game twice.
  18. Ponies would kill us. In the AAC, they are 2nd in total offense and 3rd in total defense... The QB is outstanding with lots of skilled players.
  19. I'm betting that it will be BYU on Dec 19th.

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