SMU: What are they up to?

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  1. Are we finally getting a railway system?
  2. Hoops team running the Phil Jackson triangle offense?
  3. Dear Smoo,

    Whatever this is, nobody gives a scheiss.
  4. According to their website the speculation is

    1. Football camps in the three cities
    2. AAC is moving HQ to Dallas
    3. Indoor Football facility
  5. Seeing as SMOO has lost in Ft Worth and Houston this year, they must be looking to complete their trifecta in SA.
  6. Will these triangles be pink, by any chance?
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  7. With desperation reigning supreme at smew.....anything is in the realm of possibility.
  8. Sounds like one of those things you look up on Urban Dictionary and then immediately regret that you did.
  9. What is SMUg up to?

    * talking about how rich they are

    * talking about how beautiful they are

    * talking about how how smart they are

    * talking about how everyone else is not as rich, beautiful, or smart as they are

    I may have left something out, but I think that's pretty close to covering the waterfront.
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  10. Gonna party crash another Gameday??
  11. Just have the TCU and Ft. Worth Police show them the door.
  12. You forgot to mention how they are always saying how ugly our campus is and the brick is horrible, etc.

    Funny thing I have been on that campus many times and nothing there is impressive to me, except for Dallas hall.
  13. I think that is something that is best done in Oak Lawn . . not that there is anything wrong with that.
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  14. Nothing screams "Harvard wannabe" like red brick.
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  15. Two additional CJ crime scenes identified.
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  16. Do you mean Craig James allegedly killed 5 hookers in San Antonio while at SMU? And then, allegedly, Craig James killed another 5 hookers in Houston while attending Sounthern Methodist University? This on top of the, allegedly, five hookers Craig James slew in Dallas? That would mean Craig James murdered 15 hookers (allegedly) while getting paid to play football @ SMU (allegedly)?
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  17. Are you suggesting that Craig James killed as many as 15 hookers while getting paid to play football at SMU? Allegedly.
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  18. So, CJK15H? that seems (and somebody check my math) about three times as bad.
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