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SMU vs TCU Predictions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. 4 recent SMU games:

    Peach Bowl team won by 56 (2014)
    Alamo 1 team won by 19 (2015)
    Liberty Bowl team won by 30 (2016)
    Alamo 2 Bowl team won by 20 (2017)

    It may be awhile before we have another '14 team where we beat OU and curb stomp Ole Miss.

    We win by 30 and rest the starters. Collins gets a lot of work as does Emari, D. Davis, etc.
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  2. Prefacing by saying I hope I'm just worrying too much...

    This is a perfect trap. We looked good and they looked like dog [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]. We got a lot of press clippings and they probably got whippings in practice. We sweat this badly, but ultimately the talent gap is too large and we win 28-24. GP gets a bunch of stuff to yell about, every national pundit says we're overrated and about to get killed by tOSU... which pretty much sets up perfectly for us to smoke them the next week.
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  3. We lose 3-0 and mike freeze kicks a 65 yarder for them to win the game with no more time left on the clock..
  4. 38-6

    I think GP will do everything he can not to pile on Sonny. They genuinely like each other
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    I'm watching the replay of SMU/UNT game right now. If we give up more than 6 to them someone needs to be benched.
  6. My thought as well.

    Win win for Patterson, the team won’t be overconfident and he won’t destroy Sonny knowing he walked into that situation, he needs time to turn it around.
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  7. I typically don’t do score predictions, but will go with 38-14. Frogs steady throughout the game.
  8. 21-19. Gaines knocks down SMU 2 point conversion try with 2 minutes left.
  9. My hope is we put the pedal down from the beginning in all facets of the game, get a good lead and ease down.
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  10. Really? Lol I hope not that close!!!
  11. I predict that the SMU band will play that 'finger nails on a blackboard' fight song over and over until the purple clad fans start drinking heavily.
  12. I think it will be a 40+ point win
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  13. Perfect trap game
  14. Brett Favre told me it would be a solid pregame to wash that down with Miller Lite. As long as I'm wearing my copperfit, I'll be good to go.
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  15. 38-16

    Keep a consistent streak of keeping teams below 17 and just looked and the Vegas line is ironically 22....
  16. TCU 33-10 cover the spread
  17. 41-13 Frogs.

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