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SMU made a 16+ minute video about beating TCU...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. SMU came in with more effort and a better game plan and beat us fair and square on Saturday, but it really is a shame we continue to play these losers. They are so obsessed with trying to beat TCU, literally making this game their super bowl every year. It's embarrassing for them, and a complete waste of time for us.

    Don't forget to watch the end of the video where they go to a party supply store and buy more confetti champagne bottles. And in case you haven't heard yet, their band dropped rye grass seed on our field again. What a bunch of pathetic darners.

  2. Well, it is their Super Bowl, after all. Remember they only beat us about once every decade so this is a really big deal for them. Let them enjoy it. This may be the biggest game they play all year.

    But if they are really committing vandalism; then, the school should be sued and those students should be charged with a crime. Christian schools shouldn't be engaging in that kind of behavior and it should not be tolerated. If it is going on, examples need to be made if they don't take responsibility. We are doing them a favor in the first place by even continuing to play them. If the school won't take responsibility, we should just simply stop playing them. Lots of other schools can conduct themselves with a basic level of class without resorting to vandalism.
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  3. Agreed - shut it down. We already have enough threads on it, but this waste just furthers the point. GP does love his new grass so maybe the grass stunt will be enough for GP to shut it down. Ha one could only hope.
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  4. Just arrived in town. Really Maniac, who cares? Let them celebrate.
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  5. Celebrating is one thing. The messing with the field is another entirely.
  6. The dropping of the rye grass was clever and funny the first time. This time it was old and cheap, like those five hookers who encountered Craig James. But that is just a rumor until the winter confirms it.
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  7. When I saw them make that stupid, rigid M on the field I had a bad feeling. Darn them, and darn Mr Peppermint.
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  9. Doing the same joke is
    giphy (8).gif
    I guess the band won't be allowed in the stadium anymore. Sucks for SMU in the long run.
  10. I got a kick out of this post. Comic relief was really needed.
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  11. Yes, SMU is a rival.
  12. At Frog Club Gary said “the SMU Band will not be allowed on the field again because they dumped rye grass on the field.” So, I assume we will continue to play them but they will have to perform their half time show from their seats. Or better yet not perform at all.
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  13. No, they are just a former conference mate that we have played 100 times and keep playing because they are only 30 minutes away. They are only good enough to upset us every eight years. They will celebrate this all year and consequently go 7-5. They will take their pittance TV money and maintain their high school stadium. If their coach wins 7 games per year he will be gone to a better program in 3 years. Sooner if he wins more. They are riding this new transfer portal to better players but they are still retreads.
    Problem is, we just lost to these losers. And that is all on the players. Six effing fumbles is absolutely unacceptable. They should be ashamed and this should be just the jolt they need. Come on guys, get your heads in the game. You only have 9 games left. Sheesh.
  14. In what traffic-less world are they only 30 minutes away?
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  15. Most Saturdays.
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  16. This pisses me off. I think if our team was pissed off we would have stomped their [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. Instead we let them take it to us and we all saw the result.
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  17. 30 minutes to get to the Ballpark but theres no way they get to TCU in 30 minutes.
  18. smu used to be our biggest rival. No more. And they haven't been since the day we hired Fran. I understand they beat once every 10 years or so, but that's not a rivalry.

    In my opinion only, baylor is our biggest rival now. Similar size schools, private, P5, etc. that's my opinion only, so don't start ripping it as fact. I know there are some that still consider smu our rival. Or perhaps some other schools.

    But I'm all for giving up this game. It's not iowa v isu. It's not pitt v penn st. Or even colorado v csu. Those games have in state implications. This game means nothing. Not even for the good folks of the metroplex.

    I like playing a group of 5 team, but let's play:

    Air Force
    Fresno st
    Florida int
    Southern miss
    New Mexico
    Colorado st
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  19. Rotate em all through, never play on the road, have 7 home games one season, 8 home games the next.

    Or; don’t, and continue to be the only P5 program who plays an away game at an AAC school every two years..
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  20. I think this proves they circle this game as soon as the schedule comes out and it is their most important game of the year!

    If they don’t win another game their season is a success once they won.
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