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  1. Anyone have an educated guess as to the time for the SMU game. Travel arraignments need to be made.
  2. If I had to guess, either 11, 2:30, or 7.
  3. Last time the game was in Fort Worth it was at 2:30 pm.
  4. only 5 big 12 teams are playing that day and it really isn't a very attractive mix of games.

    rice-baylor is on cbssn

    that leaves 4 games for fox to pick from to broadcast:

    smu @ tcu
    ok state @texas
    ulm @ isu
    wvu @ kansas

    looking at that i would bet either the 11:00 am game or the 2:30. gary has said he likes playing the early game, but with only 4 games to choose from the networks will have a say in the game time.
  5. The arraignments are more likely to occur surrounding the Baylor game.
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  6. Hoping for 230pm or better 7pm. No more 11am. Those suck for attendance. Parents take their kids to youth sports on Saturday morning and TCU should do whatever they can to never, ever play 11am games ever again.
  7. Since the game is in mid-September, let's all hope it's at night.
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  8. Might want to check the fustang band’s pockets also before allowing them on our tifftuff nationally acclaimed grass field. Or, preferably have them not set foot on the field without a financial instrument holding them responsible for a suddenly occurring M consisting of winter fescue (sp?) at the 50 yard line of ACS? Great prank by them the first time but you know the saw. Something about shame on someone, Shane on me?
    Go Frogs!
  9. Close, but in the Butchering that Saying Olympics, George W still has the gold medal. Valiant effort though.
  10. First time shame on you. Second time shame on me?
  11. The best way for TCU to control game times is to opt out of ever allowing any home games to be televised. Until they do that then they have about as much influence on it as I do.
  12. You're not going to fool me again.
  13. Depends on how well he knows Shane, I think.
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  14. Don't think he ever came back, did he?
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  15. There he is!

    Cannot wait for our Profanitus Emeritus to bless the GDT's this coming football season.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. You know....cuz of the rape and all
  18. Travel Friday and Sunday. As always, it’s a total crapshoot.
  19. Two teams located in the Metroplex playing a night game to avoid September’s sweltering heat would

    Make entirely to much sense.

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