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Smoo now 5-0 BUT...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. They haven’t beat UT since 1985. So there’s that...
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  2. scheiss SMU
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  3. They were fortunate to win that game. SMU special teams suspect.

  4. Their run defense couldn’t stop that juggernaut Tulane run game...
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  5. Schedule has set up nice for them so far.
  6. But nothing. Right now, SMU is a better football team than TCU. Coaching staff seems to be working together, all on the same page. Playing with more passion for sure.
  7. This board lost its collective minds after we beat Texas on the road by 2. Could you imagine the uproar if we needed OT to beat Tulane?

    Yet, so many of you want to replace GP with Sonny Dykes. Of course a retread coach who failed at Cal would be a great hire. Those 7 point wins over Texas State and 3 point win over Tulane to go with the 28 point bowl loss last year to a lame duck team without its head coach is a really impressive resume.
  8. You would go ape [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] if we needed OT to beat Tulane. A lot of this board did nothing but complain after we beat Texas by 2 in Austin.

    SMU is a product of their schedule. They aren't that good.
  9. Based on what exactly? Who scheiss have they beaten? They play in a cheese dick conference and barely beat scheissing Tulane and now they are better than TCU? Really? Please seek the help you obviously need
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  10. We’re also a product of our schedule. Sub par.
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  11. LOL
  12. I guess we’ll hopefully find out in December when we should play SMU.
  13. Anyone swooning over SMU is a sports moron.
  14. LOL
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  15. Great point you made there.
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  16. And yet this year's version of TCU football has not demonstrated anything that clearly places it above, ahead, or atop anything SMU has done this year....I'm thinking SMU will be too busy winning its conference to play a make up game December 12 in Fort Worth, assuming it is undefeated in the regular season and needing time to prep for the AAC championship game December 19....And a two-game losing streak to SMU would be nigh on to irreversible depression and despondency on this end of the river....
  17. Cool. And if all that happens they still won’t play for anything important. So good for them.

    I prefer playing real programs in a major conference over winning conference titles against crappy teams for a chance to play in the Frisco Bowl or whatever. That got tiring quickly.
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  18. Winning as a mid major can be fun. We were there once.
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  19. Sir! How dare you interject logic here!

    Delete Thread, ban user, kill @steelfrog
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  20. peace,

    Do you really believe our coaching staff is getting more out of talent vs what Sonny’s crew is getting out of Methodist’s talent??

    Give me a break Peace. Much respect but come on!

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