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Smoo now 5-0 BUT...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Seems a little harsh...

    now if you said kill @Frognosticator , Steel could get behind that. He deserves it!
  2. Excuse me but your Tech is showing. Maybe you should throw in some attendance smack for good measure. SMU, while I despise them, is beating the teams they need to beat. They are undefeated and ranked and we are tripping over our own peckers.

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  3. NORML has spoken!
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  4. very eloquently said. We are way more dysfunctional than Methodist. Will not be surprised if Meacham is ousted or leaves. Such a shame.
  5. SMU this year seems a lot like some of our C-USA teams. Winning games, but against almost exclusively mediocre to bad competition and often by very small margins. The idea that SMU has done something the last couple years worthy of envy is unbelievably short sighted and reactionary.

    And I say that as someone who is not overly thrilled with the current situation at TCU.
  6. They are closer to our 2003 team than our 2008-2010 teams
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  7. You won't be surprised if Meacham leaves? Where the scheiss is he gonna go?
  8. SMU is maybe slightly above average. Had they played our schedule there's a decent chance they're 1-2 or 0-3.
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  9. Fair point - what is the solution for TCU? I think it’s more that removing the current OL coach.
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  10. I don’t care. Smu is irrelevant.
  11. No way, man. Dykes is basically Saban and SMU is probably about to win 9 or 10 straight national championships.
  12. Since we’re 1-2 and are one boneheaded play from being 0-3 are we maybe slightly above average?
  13. Maybe
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  14. That’s the problem. As we slide further down the mediocrity slide, a lotta these guys wanna keep the good ole days blinders on. #smh
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  15. We absolutely are and we're all pissed about it. For SMU it's the best they've been in 30 or 40 years.
  16. Both things can be true. We can be in a low place AND still be better off than SMU.
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  17. If they beat Ciney next week they are for real. They beat Memphis and Memphis is pretty good, they just beat UCF. To be honest that Memphis win might end up being a better win than our UT win.
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  18. I would rather beat UT once than beat Memphis 50 times.
  19. Not when I'm eating Campisis before the game sir!
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  20. Last night w his mask on Saban really did look like Darth Vader

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