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Shout out to Jeremy Clark and Eichel Davis

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. With all the comings and goings at TCU athletics and the Fort Worth Star Telegram, I wanted to recognize two guys that are nailing it for the TCU fan.

    Jeremy Clark's writing style, articles, details, insight has been awesome to read. I get a sense that there is a mutual trust between Coach P and Jeremy. Jeremy made that evident last year when he wrote that article that detailed how appreciative he was of Coach P allowing him to have all day access for that great program article. I'm hoping Coach P allows another one of these all day access events for Jeremy to write about during this fall camp. That was good press for TCU football. Jeremy is smoking the Star Telegram right now.

    Eichel Davis is new to TCU athletics and is a digital story teller from Mizzou. He created the Own The Process video and the new Locker Room Video. Both were excellent. They were concise, good music, and great edits that went with the music. If he gets to do this year's football entrance video, I hope it is more of the same and a minute or under in time, and I'll give him a tip. The fans can't hear spoken recorded word over the stadium audio system in entrance videos for whatever reason. It comes off as muddled. Good music and good editing will get it done. The 2014, 2015, 2016 intro videos all good. 2017.... not so much and hard to hear.

    Keep up the good work in 2018 you two!

    Go Frogs!
  2. I would like to hear again at kickoff.......Let's Get It Started....music. Crowd-players reacted to that music strongly. Sure set a high energy field.
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    Supposedly they may be reworking the intro this year. TBD. I hope the male head cheer coach comes back. I also preferred it when Super Frog came out to Metallica vs Queen. Just sayin'. I also liked how TCU stepped up their pregame flyer over game last season. The SMU flyover game was the best!

  4. Jeremy has good access and I enjoy his stuff, though he has a few habitual typo/grammatical errors that really get under my skin.

    Such as - referring to Fort Worth as Ft. Worth. Can't do it. It's a misspelling. Another is when he means to use the plural but uses the singular possessive instead (e.g. "Next up for the Frog's is a game against Southern.")

    Not trying to badmouth him - just wish he'd clean some of those things up.

    I know someone's going to level the grammar Nazi smear at me, but I'm a writer and things like that are itching powder on my brain.
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  5. U r quiet a beeting, butt i guess thats you're prerogative.
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  6. So Ft. Worth is wrong so FTW is also out?
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  7. FTW is known as scheiss The World to many people.
  8. In that case, FB.
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  9. The podcast is the best thing he does. Everyone should listen.
  10. Your god damn right!!
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  11. Un Fn Real. Jeremy Clark is the best journalist TCU sports has ever seen. bar none. Not a close second.

    And as a former FWST writer myself I couldn't give two darns about his grammar. His info is beyond insightful and awesome. And without getting into details I believe he is a tremendously huge asset to the staff...
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  12. I will continue to use all of Ft Worth, Fort Worth, and Ft. Worth at my leisure.
  13. No boat...I had a fantasy football team named "Forwur" for 5 years because that's how my buddies say I always pronounced it...
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  14. Add Fort Darning Worth and to my list....
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  15. Please stop being such a looser.
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  16. I would listen but there is one dude on there they need to replace. Donny or David or somesuch.

  17. SMH
  18. Totally agree. We’re beyond lucky to have JC be apart of the TCU community .
  19. Agreed on JC.

    Sometimes rereading some of my posts that are meant as jokes I realize how they don’t always come off that way. I sure as hell wasnt intending to call JSauce a loser. It was a bad, bad grammar joke.

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