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SEC to play 10 game conf-only schedule

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Casey8Ball, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. The ACC announced before the SEC. The +1 has to be a game “in-state.”

    IOW, the rule was to keep from blowing up the 2 in-state ACC-SEC rivalries you identified, plus Kentucky/Louisville and SC/Clemson.

    With the SEC announcement, expect the ACC +1 to be dropped to match the SEC, PAC, and B1G.

    As a more general response to this thread:

    Likewise, expect the Big 12 to either bring in BYU for one year, go to a conference semifinal + championship format, or allow a single buy game.

    The die is cast. This is going to be a conference only season, and the AAC, MWC, MAC, CUSA, WAC and Sun Belt are likely to follow next week. Even if the Big 12 allows a +1 OOC game, expect TCU to bring in a body bag FCS—and certainly not go on the road.
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  2. I'd love to see UNT.
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  3. So business as usual for baylol
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  4. Don't bring in BYU at all.
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  5. They might actually not lose to Liberty this time too lol
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  6. The ACC "in-state" game can be against an out-of-state opponent, it just has to be played in-state.

    B12 still is focusing on +1 and though a lot of talk about BYU for one season that really is being dismissed by the schools so far.
  7. You think all 10 Big 12 schools are going to hop on planes to ACC states to help them fill their ACC Network inventory, and pad their revenue streams? No. This is a financial survival decision. The ACC’s geographic limitation makes is +1 unworkable with them for the Big 12.

    +1 is the obvious preference to give all 10 members a home game and some gate revenue while maximizing inventory for the Big 12 media contract . The question is if there will be 10 teams available and willing to play?
  8. Hello, New Mexico!
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  9. Where did I say that?
  10. I’ll wear full-body Darth Vader garb if it means a: There will be a season, b: They let ANY fans into the stadium.
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  12. Let’s beat Texas twice.
  13. What if we lose at UNLV and then run the table and end up Big 12 champions?
  14. we would be 9-1 or 10-1 if they play the championship game
  15. We'll be 10-1 and get screwed out of the playoffs again.
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  16. More importantly what happens if we run the table this year. With no ooc for sec and big10-1+6-5 it’s a perfect year to really scheiss the small guy again.

    strength of schedule is completely opinion. Can’t even misuse the transitive property
  17. But anyways to answer the actual question we’d probably get the Alamo bowl, have the qb go on a rager, write scheiss the other team in a mirror, and punch a cop.

    then have a comeback game worthy of a statue of a backup qb
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  18. Doubt we drop SMU if we have an OOC game played. They are in state and region, so it's easier to manage.
  19. My bet is we’d drop OOC road games, including SMU.
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