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SEC to play 10 game conf-only schedule

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Casey8Ball, Jul 30, 2020.

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    I was looking forward to a Vegas trip but sounds like it might not happen after all, assuming B12 follows the SEC's lead like I've heard might happen
  2. We're the only ones that haven't officially gone to conference only, right? Does that mean it's inevitable, or that the Big 12 will be the only P5 football for the first month of the season?
  3. Who are we going to play OOC though? lol
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  4. It’s about to be the best or worst year of BYU’s athletic existence.
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  5. I would love to be a fly on the wall @ BYU Athletics.

    Talked to my buddies at Hawaii Athletics and there is talk abt canceling the season if the quarantine is not lifted (and it is not expected to be—and if so, done so under strict guidelines for visitors).
  6. Lamar
    Sacred Heart
    Little Sister of the Poor
    Toby's Business College
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  7. No. The ACC announced a 10 +1 format. One OOC game. The issue is several of those were to be against intra state SEC foes, ala Florida/Florida St, Georgia/Georgia Tech.
  8. Aac can play one ooc game if the team is within state I believe.
  9. If we find a team, it'll be for the $$$ to come to get smushed on TV.

    That's all.
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  10. Why do we need to assume that...
    Believe some of those other P5 leagues/schools have recently considered earlier dates in September for their conference games.
    The ACC's(not AAC) OOC game to be played with in the state... not an in state team.
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    My bet is that we play UNLV during week 0 to open the new Raiders stadium.

    Play Tennessee Tech at home during week 2.

    Dump SMU off our schedule.

    Play Okie State a couple weeks later as our conference home opener.

    This will give us enough space time wise if the team gets hit one of these first games with Corona Virus to recover before the next game two weeks later per beginning games. Hopefully the first vaccines become available in October as reported last week and we start getting all this China crap behind us.

    Also I bet what remaining bowl games there are this winter will only require a pathetic 5 wins to go this year.
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  12. Hell, even Notre Dame caved in and joined a conference.
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  13. I would not mind never playing SMU again.
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  14. More fear porn.

    Can't attend games unless you have on your face diaper and goggles...
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  15. we need to call baylor and see how they do it. avoiding p5 in non conf is a specialty of theirs. I haven’t looked but I’m assuming their schedule isn’t impacted.
  16. This year only.
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  17. If their OOC bodybag games cancel they will just suit up and declare a forfeit.
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  18. Certain people on this board suggested it was likely based on what they’ve heard in the industry. I have no idea if they’re right but it would make sense
  19. How many fcs teams close the doors without these games?
  20. How about adding UNT? They now have an opening Sept.12 weekend. Keeping it local in these trying times!
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