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Season ticket payment plan

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Cancelling football this fall will eliminate a good portion of my income.
  2. hope that doesn't happen zebra, curious, are you treated as w-2 or 1099 as an official?
  3. 1099 Independent Contractor.
  4. thanks and that is what i thought.

    don't think many realize just how many people in this country are 1099 and they don't get the same help in down times as w2 employees.
  5. Loss of that income, plus who knows what the mortgage industry might be like, I may need to borrow some toilet paper/eggs/bread/hamburger meat from some of you guys. When the Fed rate was lowered to zero, mortgage rates jumped almost 2 full points and shut down a whole lot of refinance business almost overnight. I think rates will come back down in about 30 days, though.
  6. Need the fed to start buying MBS to loosen that market up.
  7. The problem, from what I understand, is that the Fed is the ONLY entity buying MBS right now. There appears to be a significant liquidity issue from servicers right now, as prior to the Fed dropping their rate, there was a glut of mortgages hit the pipeline to the point there just isn't any demand from investors for them due to their own liquidity. And the "bail-out" doesn't include any provision for Ginnie, which means that government refinances may go unfunded. There are still funds for purchase loans on Conventional Conforming (Fannie/Freddie) loans, but unless something breaks soon, the only way to get a Jumbo loan is through a bank. And the market in Non-QM loans has dried up. Non-QM companies have closed their doors and aren't accepting anything. Of course, everything could turn around in the next 30 days if the workforce that got terminated/laid off goes back to work.

    Others may know more about it than me.
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  8. Not to mention that reimbursement for your already paid for tickets would be EXTREMELY difficult, if not impossible to get. Once you give them the money, it's gone. You'll probably get something for it, but not a refund.
  9. I guess then I’ll have to give up my tickets for the first time in nearly 20 years.
  10. They would be best served to apply the cost of the tickets to the next season. As I mentioned previously, the donations are gone due to the nature of it being a donation. That being said, we should get a reimbursement of the ticket cost or an application to next season if there aren't any games. You don't need to give me the details of how the university actually allocates those dollars. You have a lot of people who stretch themselves to support the program and to not give any relief during this time would be a bad move. Especially considering the recent article that we are in the top 25 of richest programs. It would be pretty tone def to just say sorry what's done is done.
  11. I would be fine with a credit for next year. Baseball offered either credit or refund for both tickets and parking. Parking is called a donation although it has a tangible benefit value. Maybe per seat donations for football would be handled differently.
  12. Wait wait wait. You're saying that it's okay to not reimburse the full amount if the season is canceled?

    Let me get this right. My total renewal cost is $15,420 for 20 regular tickets, 2 Club Seats, and 3 Parking Spots.

    Of that $15,420, only $6,600 is the actual charge for tickets.

    Are you saying that TCU would only give me a credit for next year of $6,600, and I'm supposed to just eat the remaining $8,820? Just set that money on fire, and have a few Priority Points to show for it?

    No no no. If that's what they are planning to do, then I will not renew at all, and TCU will never see another dime from me, period.
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  13. I'm curious, due to the uncertainty, what if they just did away with season tickets for a season? Obviously, those who have already renewed would be entitled to their seats if they still want them for the season. But for the rest of us, what if they just drew a line in the sand and said no more season tickets will be sold for the year? All remaining, unrenewed season tickets would be up for grabs on a game by game basis for one season only?

    After everything dies down and we are back to business as usual, we all get to renew for 2021 like this never happened.
  14. Look I am right there with you in terms of total cost. Renewed original 4 and then went with 4 clubs and have my parking. I want to get behind your rationale for complete reimbursement. I just have a feeling that some of that "donation" $$ gets applied to scholarships, etc. that get spent regardless if games are played.

    I have no idea if that is accurate. All I am saying is that I would not expect full reimbursement if the season is cancelled. I think TCU should do everything and try every avenue to reimburse fully but some of that is probably already allocated and not an option.

    Sounds like you played it well and haven't renewed yet so you at least have the option of not renewing if that is what TCU decides to do. My 5 figures have already gone out to TCU and I am just trying to temper my expectations of what I will get back. I do have faith that TCU will try to accommodate us as much as possible.
  15. Fair enough. I hope that TCU will do the right thing by us, too.

    I just keep looking at the $1.71 Billion endowment and can't imagine that there aren't other options than to fleece season ticket holders to cover football scholarships. I'm sure the endowment has taken a hit as well, but let's be real. TCU has enough money to cover expenses for a decade.
  16. Agree and I think they will do right by us. I just know I am not an expert so I don't know what endowment can be used for. I hope it is that easy to move the $$ around and make us whole.
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  17. um...you don't understand what the Endowment does or how it can be used I am guessing.

    Not saying you shouldn't or won't get your money back - but that has NOTHING to do with the Endowment.
  18. I know exactly what an endowment is and how it works.

    The endowment generates additional income for the university, just like any other passive income investment vehicle does.

    TCU can spend around $85 Million of it's endowment equity PER YEAR if it desires. Are there some limitations as to where certain core equity can be spent? Sure. But all in all, there is no way in hell that TCU doesn't have enough money to do what it needs to do WHILE SHUT DOWN, and give season ticket buyers their money back. All of it.
  19. As it desires?

    every dollar of the income earned from the endowment that doesn’t go to reducing the cost of operations will have to be replaced by paid tuition in the form of higher rates or less financial aid

    it has never had a surplus of income that the school
    Spends at it desires

    At the moment - the school has lost a lot more incoming sources of income/capital than they have reduced costs given that beyond variable costs of student housing nothing has really gone away
  20. Cry me a river. Everybody needs to tighten their belt, and that includes bloated university budgets who are free-rolling on everyone else's dime.

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