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Season ticket payment plan

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. You bring up a good point implicitly (practice...prep). TCU (and others) are feeling the pain financially.
  2. In all fairness, the Ticket Office should announce before the initial deadline of April 17 if all the money they collect will either be refunded or applied as a credit if the season is canceled. I think a lot more people would renew if they knew their money would be refunded. After all, if things are still so messed up by the Fall that the season is indeed canceled, a lot of us are really going to need that money! TCU has a huge endowment and will survive. Some of us, on the other hand . . . not so much.
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  3. Interesting time to be in athletics fundraising given 1) Stock market and economic outlook and 2) this period of no sports and do some fans come to the conclusion I can live with less sports, thus less financial commitment going forward.
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  4. I am VERY well-endowed but still very concerned for my future.
  5. Until there is an effective vaccine or treatment not sure how they resume any of these sports. You would need to be testing fans and players continuously or risk the spread ramping up again. Right now we can’t even test the people they probably have it. Life as we know it has changed for the worse until get a vaccine, cure or just roll the dice.
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  6. Or a Tech fan and you do know.

    Different virus tho.
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  7. Like a knucklehead, I purchased my tickets the first week. I was really considering letting them go because of the product on the field, I wish I would have. Here's to football in 2021 because it does not look like any of us will be going to games in 2020.
  8. I'd love to see financials for TCU football operations.

    Surely there are a lot of sunk costs that can't be recouped if the season is cancelled (scholarships, coaches salaries, already purchased equipment, etc.), but I'd be curious to know how many of the annual operating expenses don't have to be spent if the season is cancelled (traveling and lodging expenses for away games, CSC security staffing, FW Police traffic control, etc.).

    At the end of the day, losing all the revenue from ticket sales is going to be pretty devastating to the athletic budget, but as @Showtime Joe 2.0 pointed out, TCU is much more capable of taking the hit, than its average season ticket holder is.
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  9. Maybe just my optimistic opinion, but I think we are a LONG ways from cancelling the 2020 season.
  10. I think we may be a long way from announcing it, but believe it will eventually be announced. I just don't see the U.S. being in position to fill stadiums around the country that soon. Maybe not the best comparison, but we already have the Olympics postponing until 2021 in a region of the world that should well be on the down-side of the curve by mid to late summer. Unfortunately, with the spread lag, compared to Japan we'll be much closer to the apex around that time. I would love to be wrong.
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  11. i think the question is what will the ncaa and the professional sports leagues going to need to see in order to start their seasons again?

    will it be clean tests from all participants? will it be an acceptable level of cases?

    possible this thing dies out as we saw with sars and mers, but even then that took a bit of time for the cases to clear

    the biggest question is what will it take for schools to reopen their buildings and campuses?
  12. A large number of people from all around the world congregating in one relatively small area for weeks vs a much smaller number of locals congregating for a few hours are very different risks.
  13. I guess I'm of the opinion that if you cancel college football and the NFL for 2020, there's a high likelihood our unemployment rate is over 20%. I just don't think we will let that happen.
  14. The idea of 50,000 people meeting in 65 different locations across the country every weekend for 3 months seems fairly high-risk to me.
  15. Yes but not Olympics level of risk.
  16. Exactly. I am sure there are some sunk costs that go along with the ticket price; however, a lot of that has got to be tied to operations. I assume all of my donations won't be recouped and that is fine. But is still a bummer to pay for parking and not be able to use it. I will be very interested to see how TCU handles reimbursement if (looking more like when) the season is cancelled. I stretched myself this year in donations and tickets and I feel like TCU should help pick up their fans.
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  17. I am ok with that. Donations being sunk but all prices for tickets just applied to the 2021 season.
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  18. Yah I don’t personally have a problem with it per se, but given the circumstances right now, I’m sure there will be some who’s situations change here pretty quickly and that money could be reallocated. I’m sure if that was conveyed, the program would do the right thing.
  19. The problem with not refunding the money is that if the season is cancelled we’re probably in a severe depression and many of us won’t have jobs and would desperately need that ticket money.
  20. I think we will know a lot more in the next two weeks. If we can plateau and flatten the curve that will be a great sign which I think we will.

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