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Season ticket deliveries? ATO Frog?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Check your spam folder. That's where mine was.
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  2. Spam is excellent fried with some cheddar cheese and hot sauce.
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  3. This!

    Just found mine in spam
  4. Yeah I did that first. No such luck for me. I'm sure they're behind like last year. I'll give it a few more days before I hound the ticket office.
  5. I got a FedEx Delivery Manager email showing my tickets were shipped today.
  6. Yep. Have two email addresses for TCU to contact me. No info but that’s cool.
    Checked Spam. Hey your tickets will be there mañana!
  7. Got my email today as well.
  8. Finished about 70% through Tuesday. Hope to have the rest finished tomorrow.

    Thanks for your support!

    Go Frogs!

    I know people that got their tickets today, so I was pretty frustrated I still hadn’t gotten my email.

    You were right. Went to my junk. Was shipped out today.
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  10. Your tickets were shipped FedEx 2 day+4
  11. How do they determine the order tickets are printed/shipped? Is it random? I still have not received my email either.
  12. Got my email this morning, within the last hour. It did go to the spam folder.
  13. I don't understand the hyperventilating. Breath and relax. It has always gotten to my home. Once when they're was a problem I picked them up at Will Call Window. I understand some are out of town so have a friend or family member pick them up. Don't mean to sound so cruel but patience is a virtue.
  14. My Tickets and Parking were just delivered in San Antonio.
  15. FedEx delivered mine today.
  16. Why waste time being calm and relaxed when there are so many things that we can get unjustifiably angry/frustrated/offended about for no reason at all?
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  17. Will call emails also going out.
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    I thought I must have missed it too, but I just got an e-mail with my mobile tix so apparently I noticed the option when I renewed.

    @atofrog , I like the option, but I think the delivery is a bit cumbersome. The e-mail I got contained a link to all of my mobile tix for the entire season, which means I either need to download them all now and save them in a particular place on my phone (and then hope I don't lose my phone) or figure out a way to quickly access that e-mail every time we get to the stadium (worst case scenario b/c searching for e-mails on mobile apps isn't the easiest and the cell signal around AGCS on game days is notoriously spotty for loading search results). Might I offer two ideas to improve this delivery option?

    1) Create a login in the RiffRam app to access your account for mobile tix and quickly load them from there for each game. This is my preferred option.
    2) Send a separate e-mail the day prior to each game with a link to that game's tix. If, for some reason, that e-mail doesn't go through we could always search through old e-mails to find the original and access them that way, but at least it would simplify the process of gathering them and finding them in your phone on game day.

    Thanks for what you do for all of us.
  19. Not enough likes for this. Not nearly enough.
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  20. FexEx delivered my six game tickets and parking passes this morning in Houston.

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