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Sean Payton and TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Son Connor is a walk on. Think he could influence the playbook a little?
  2. What playbook?
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  3. What, dump offs to Evans (Kamara) all game and no downfield passing?
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  4. reminds me of a story told by a friend who at the time was a young high school basketball coach

    the fried was all excited to attend a coaching clinic that feature houston wheatley legend jackie carr. carr's teams were legendary for their offense and his 1973 team averaged 110 points a game long before the 3-point shot was introduced to high school basketball.

    carr talked about his 100 point or run 5-mile rule and a few other similar things, but never about their actual offense other than they were trying to score as many points as possible.

    afterwards my friend stopped coach carr and asked him if they might meet and talk about the plays wheatley ran in the half court to which jackie replied "plays? we don't run no plays"
  6. I remember seeing him at our Fiesta Bowl.
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  7. As a young assistant basketball coach at North Side High School in 1973 I had the joy of being on the bench when NS played Wheatley (Harry Lister was our head BB guy) in the Lions Club Tournament at Daniel Meyer. I can affirm that Wheatley ran no offensive plays. The players were as big a NFL tight ends and as quick as cats. They ran a full court press (sometimes a half court trap). They made most of their points off their pressure defense. If you broke the press or beat the trap, they just let you go on down the court and make your easy lay up. They ran back to their end of the floor and threw up a shot the first chance they got. Carr sat at the end of his bench ....never got up during play. If he wanted to make a substitution he leaned forward and motioned only once to the player he wanted to go into the game. Never saw him say a word during play. We scored more points in that game than any other game that season. They still beat us by 30. It was a treat to watch.
  8. playbook might be limited in part by the ability or inability of the quarterback to throw the ball down the field
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  9. Bama runs the same play. It is not necessarily the play call that is the problem.
  10. I was at Memorial SH in Spring Branch ISD/Houston, and we'd win district every year ('65-'68), then hit the wall in the bi-district championship to Wheatley.
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  11. Help us out Sean!
  12. Yeh Brees arm has always been mediocre, but it’s looks like late stage Peyton Manning at this point. Anything beyond 20 yards is a duck
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  13. Was that the same coach Lister that was at Arlington Heights in the 60s? That coach Lister was one tough coach.
  15. Likely was MadFrog. He also coached at Diamond Hill before his stint at NS. He lefty NS for Graford in '75, I believe.
  16. Raccoon hunting doesn’t really seem like a thing anymore, at least I don’t hear about people going coon hunting.

    Were they hunted because they were varmints and destructive? People didn’t eat raccoon did they?

  17. Memorial grad also.
    We also won Texas 4A in 1966 73-68 against Dallas Samuel.

    Lost 4A state championship in 67 to SA Lee .

    In 1969 Wheatley was rolling everyone in high scoring games. I’m not sure they played anyone that played defense. It was one of the first (second I believe) integrated Texas State Championship. There was lots of build up saying there would be violence. Lots of rich kids vs ghetto kids talk. Everyone picked Wheatley in a rout. Memorial lost 52-47 holding Wheatley to something like 40 points below their average. Played in old UT Gregory gym. Everyone got along great, no problems, no violence. Things that today that would be considered racist weren’t even brought up. Our band, for some reason, always played Dixie. The Wheatley side never made so much as a boo.
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  18. Yeah but they have a RB who can jump over people

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