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Saturday Down South: Texas lawmaker trolls Longhorns for record vs. TCU during hearing

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 3, 2021.

  1. Texas lawmaker trolls Longhorns for record vs. TCU during hearing

    Adam Spencer

    The Texas Longhorns are on their way out of the Big 12, heading for the SEC … eventually.

    It could still be a few years before the Longhorns are officially able to join their new league, and the remaining Big 12 teams aren’t going to let Texas leave quietly.

    During a hearing with Texas lawmakers on Monday, Texas state senator Lois Kolkhorst ruthlessly trolled Texas. She mocked them for not winning despite having a massive budget, pointing out their 3-7 record against TCU:

    Read more at https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/s...s-longhorns-for-record-vs-tcu-during-hearing/
  2. Lois is the bomb! She then follows up with, "I guess your fan base will accept losing to Alabama more than they will accept losing to TCU." Love it!
  3. Quite honestly, money trumps winning in the SEC. Ask Arkansas fans. Haven't won a conference championship in football in 30 years. Do their fans want to move to be more competitive? Hell no! They, like A&M, Missouri, and now Texas, will all be chanting SEC....and finishing 6 - 5.
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  4. Frogs are 7-2 vs Horns in Big 12.
    1-1 vs Mack
    3-0 vs Strong
    3-1 vs Herman
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  5. She was being kind. It's actually worse at 2-7
  6. There are complaints from some schools in the SEC that folks like Arkansas hurt the conference. That's nothing new. Before Finebaum was loud mouth on the SEC network, he was a loud mouth at JOX on local radio in Birmingham. Would catch spots of his from time to time. His 180 on aggy was money fanned big time.
  7. I'm just glad she reads the FFF...
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  8. You dumbshits do realize she's making fun of us, right?

    Can't beat lowly TCU? Get it?
  9. She is a frog and a proud one - so there is zero chance she is making fun of TCU
  10. I think she was pointing out who owns who in the UT/TCU sweepstakes, and how they did so little with so much. Money can't buy success or a good team.
  11. She picked up a 2x4 with a nail in it, and hit that UT prick upside the haid with it. The conceited little crapsack had been rolling along, telling all in the room how superior and aloof the UT is, and how their lofty concerns and standing were just too great for the pitiful little band they were leaving behind. "Tut, tut. Run along now..." <thwack!>

    Like many were saying some days ago, they are leaving for 1.) Ego, and 1.) Money. They may get some of the latter, but the former will be shattered.
  12. Yep - somebody needed to ask why they are leaving for "more money" when they have more than anyone else in our conference and still can't be a contender....
  13. I just really don’t understand the money motivation in all of this, especially at the expense of ruining the sport. The only people that actually make more money are tv execs and conference execs. It’s not like these universities turn around and pass it on to the fan base. The only thing UT fans are getting out of this is the opportunity to get their faces kicked in at some new venues by different teams. Congratulations. Have fun
  14. it is only partly about money from what I have been told.

    There is going to be another division of football based on the current plan from the Networks (or maybe just one really)

    Spent about 3 days floating on the river with a person who would be have to be involved for it to happen and he said its inevitable before the next round of contracts.

    No final agreement on the future structure because most of the schools that have been approached are still considering it but not fully decided - but it won't be many teams beyond those that add tv value.

    The final structure will come down to how many of the "top tier" say yes - but he also said it was made clear that if they can get 75% of the top teams - they will move forward so there is no placeholders at this point - you are in or you are out if asked to join.

    And if UT didn't go - they would not have been included. Same will be for all of the other schools because they already have the SEC as the foundation, thus why UT and OU went there as the first teams in.

    He also told me the expanded playoff summer task force evaluating the move to 12 based on 5 P5 conferences and some G5 involvement is basically dead in the water - no interest until big issue is resolved since if it happens, the top tier will play itself in a playoff, not the rest of us.
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  15. You do remember Del Conte's main skill when he was at TCU? Raising money. Now he's found Pandora's box
  16. Strange then that reports are that Clemson and Florida St have been turned down.
  17. I will never watch one second of that on purpose either. scheiss all that.
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  18. You were floating down the river with Carl Icahn?

    Hostile takeover. Cull the herd.
  19. [​IMG]
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