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Sally Jenkins piece

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by attyfrog, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Watch it.
    My dad taught me to drink it black, because "you can't always get milk and sugar on the front lines." I was 16 and the thought of being in the military was the farthest thing from my mind. But I guess Father knew best.
    I drink it black to this day.
  2. Nope. Nopitty nope nope. The fools at Starbucks 1.) Always burn their beans, 2.) Do you really want some multi-pierced, chicken-necked twit touching your beloved coffee mug? Ugh... 3.) Have a ton of delicious scones, and shortbreads, and sweet things that will inflate me like a zeppelin. And I will eat them all.

    No, it's far safer to stay home and drink my own.
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  3. I do not disparage the drinking of un-tweaked coffee. As stated, some days you just can't get milk, or sugar. Hell, hot water for that matter. But, given the option, I will have my little comforts, because I can.
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    Almost exactly what my dad told me. "Wait until you can't get that stuff. You'll like it black just fine. " Coming from the WWII/Burma vet. You couldn't get ANYTHING in Burma except VD. And malaria/distentary.
  5. Gee Sally thanks for stating the obvious. The Correct solution isn’t sharing the wealth with amateur football players. Universities should only recruit players who desire to obtain a degree that can be leveraged into a career. The Athletic infrastructure battles need to end and the school focus needs to return to educating students. If football players want a salary and fame try the NFL or Reality television. If the NCAA decides to give in to the (Pac XII) players demands I’ll pass on attending or watching players profit from a game that was funded by myself and other taxpayers. The NCAA built the business model not the players. The players agreed to play football for an education & room/board.
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  6. communist scum faculty? geez.
  7. Damn.
    I bet Brewing drives the Black Rifle Coffee Company Prius Vulcan too.

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  8. Electric cars aren't good for a damned thing except yanking the wires and running my home air conditioner when those stupid windmills don't generate any power.

    I mounted two of those spiffy GAU-8 Cannons on top of my F-250. Diesel power, diesel torque, diesel air pollution, twin 30mm depleted uranium goodness! I make up for two or three Priuses!
  9. So says the FAN of the most money based football program in the history of the NCAA!

    Maybe Craig James and Eric Dickerson should write a counter piece?

    Title suggestion: We got illegal payments and brought down SMU football for three decades.
  10. Here's your check son for $30k.

    And here is your tuition bill for $70,000.

    Sign this loan document for the balance.
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  11. So that would be a no on the decaf, yes?
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  12. P. S. Mounting two GAU-8’s on your Ford will put you in permanent Reverse upon firing a burst.
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  13. The guy has issues. I think one of the Administrators stole his girlfriend at some point.
  14. So how many cases of "malaria" did your old man get?

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  15. I understand who her old man was, but man, there is a lot of wrongness in that article. I really wonder how many of today's athletes would trade a few grand of compensation to play in the equivalent of WT Barrett stadium (reference for you West Texas folk). But hell, I don't know. Maybe they would give up all the bling for some cash.


    Wonder when Smoo last got 20,000 fans at a game.
  16. Seen 20,000 TCU fans in their stadium.
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  17. To paraphrase Dennis Miller, some kid with a barrel ring through a butt cheek...
  18. He did have malaria, they all did. Treated it with something, quinine maybe? Some had it worse than others, they all just worked through it. Some of the others got VD. Or so Dad said.

    He always said that WWII was his college. The lifelong friends, the worldly "education" he received through a trip around the world and living with men from around the country from all walks of life. That crappy little veterinarian MASH outfit in [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ehole Burma had reunions every other year all over the country and he never missed a one until there were only four or five of them left. You would have thought they were the Doolittle Raiders.

    Please stop the profanity filters.
  19. He wasn't actually part of the Flying Tigers was he? I guess I never looked your picture before that closely.
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  20. No, he was a tech sergeant in a veterinary MASH hospital in charge of a squadron of mules in Burma. Who did he piss off to get that posting? As he said, it kept a rifle out of his hands. :)

    My picture is actually of P-39s in New Guinea. It has no significance whatsoever except that it was the only photo that would load back many years ago when I was less computer literate.
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